Timesheets Management- Role of timesheets in the Manufacturing Industry

Role of timesheets managementin the manufacturing industry
Timesheets offers numerous benefits to manufacturers and retailers.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has been a major driving force behind adopting technologies for carrying out various HR functions. Many HR challenges are unique to specific industries, and one such challenge is timesheets management in the manufacturing industry. Time tracking is not easy, especially when you work in a challenging field. 

The manufacturing industry is a complex industry, and poor timesheet management impacts productivity and creates unnecessary hassles. Traditionally, it is a relatively complex task to pay attention to your staff’s working hours. The old-school timesheets management involved paper timesheets, punch cards, or other such means of tracking employee’s attendance. These methods might not be suitable for manufacturing organisations, as they are time-consuming, prone to time theft and manual errors, and can cost them millions of dollars every year. 

Organisations in the manufacturing industry must equip themselves with technologies that can make time tracking simple and more manageable. However, it is easier said than done; with varying shifts, job titles and attendance rules, time tracking in the manufacturing industry can be overwhelming. So what tools or technology they need to make it less overwhelming? The answer is quite simple- An automated timesheets management system. 

Besides managing your workforce schedules, timesheets automation can benefit you in numerous other ways. Some of the benefits of using a timesheets management system are as follows: 

Better Workforce management

Sometimes it becomes difficult for organisations to track how much time is being spent on a particular task. By implementing a time tracking system in your organisation,  you can manage your workforce effectively. Online time tracking can help you determine your workers’ location, working hours, and how much time they spent on a project, task or activity. 

Efficient Payroll Management

Manufacturing industries generally have large numbers of employees, and they have numerous divisions. This makes it a daunting task for HR professionals in the manufacturing industry to run error-free payroll.  A timesheet management system can be easily integrated with the payroll system, making it easy to complete the payroll process. 

Cost Management

Cost management is something that is very much needed in the manufacturing industry. For years, manufacturers have focused on reducing additional costs to control budgetary needs and improve their bottom line. A timesheet management system effortlessly captures time and money spent on projects. You can have access to instant reports that offer detailed insights into the number of allocated resources to a particular project. It allows managers to calculate costs and time spent on tasks easily. 

Timesheets Management system in manufacturing sector
Manual timesheets submissions can be time-consuming.

Forecast Recruitment Needs

Forecasting resources isn’t possible without having a comprehensive understanding of your workforce. Analyzing your team’s timesheets is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the data and forecast recruitment needs. This data can also help organisations identify the high performing teams or individuals, spot employees who need training and improvement. 

Accurate Billing

Customer satisfaction is one of the major concerns of a manufacturing company. But simple mistakes in invoices can cost you more than lost hours tracked. An automated time tracking system can help retailers and distributors create accurate and quick bills to be sent over to the customers. Accurate invoices also ensure revenue remains steady and also eliminate the risk of cash flow issues. It is also an excellent tool for companies that pay their workers on an hourly basis. 

No Data Loss

Paper-based timesheets have various limitations, but one thing that can cost millions of dollars to your organisation is data theft or data loss. This is where a cloud-based timesheets management system can help you. It can keep your data safe and secure with firewalls, backups in multiple locations, and other electronic measures. Thus, preventing accidental loss of data. 

Better Project Management

Timesheets are a smart tool for project management as it allows employers to analyze time usage, identify areas of improvement, measure the overall efficiency of a project. Timesheets help managers to monitor progress and anticipate delays. It is a great way to keep track of the project’s progress and identify bottlenecks and resolve them quickly. 

Who would like to input their schedule into an excel sheet and click over to another excel sheet to track progress, costs, and revenue, when they can do it all in one place? Timesheets management system not only streamlines your processes but also enables you to manage compliances. Choosing a flexible and scalable timesheets system can help manufacturing industries to calculate the productive hours of employees, accurately manage their day-to-day work schedule and generate error-free payrolls. 

If you are struggling with manual timesheets, you must try an automated timesheets management system. An automated timesheets management system offers accurate, real-time information that is valuable to the manufacturing industry. 

However, you must understand that timesheets alone can’t help you enhance your team’s effectiveness or performance, but they can be a great means of identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement. 

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