OKR Software to

Transform Organizational

Goals into Results

Drive a culture of high-performance and build
growth-oriented teams with best OKR software.

OKR Software to Accomplish your Goals and Build Rapid-Scaling Organizations

Get a real-time view on progress while keeping employees motivated, aligned and productive.

Misaligned teams?

Align Organizational Goals with Team OKRs

Break the silos and align teams cross-functionally and vertically to organizational goals. Set S.M.A.R.T goals organization-wide by bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

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Inadequate Progress Tracking?

Check-in to Track Progress Continuously

Check-ins allow managers to clarify expectations, set objectives and key responsibilities, and course-correct if required. Progress can be tracked seamlessly through an intuitive dashboard thereby reducing unproductive work interruptions

Opaque and disconnected processes?

Drive Headline to Action using Advanced Insights & Reports

Actionable insights to track individual or team’s outcomes. Identify the top performing teams and provide feedback to underperforming teams to drive a culture of high performance

Non-Productive Workforce?

Set Goals without Meeting Teams

Managers can assign goals without meeting the team members and save a lot of time in team meetings. When employees know their objectives, they feel focused and aligned to organization’s vision. This boosts productivity and keeps the employees engaged with OKR software.

The Set
of Right Tools

For Employees

An intuitive interface means minimal training for your team. Kick start note-taking, goal setting, and completing reviews within a short span of time.

For Managers

Use notes to log continuous feedback on an ongoing basis so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Plus, Zimyo offers coaching tips in the case of writer’s block.

For HRs

Automated email reminders and online acknowledgement means no tracking people down! Get more reviews done on time with all the important boxes checked.

1000+ Market Leaders Across the Globe Trust Zimyo

We are fueling the performance engine of growth-focused organizations through experience, leverage cutting edge research in the field of organizational psychology.

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Ready to Align Your Workforce with Organizational Goals

Empower teams and individuals by helping them see how their work
contributes to organizational success with performance management software .


What is an OKR?

KR stands for objectives and key results, where objective describes a goal that an organization wants to achieve, and key results describe the metrics on which goals will be measured. It is a goal-setting and management method to set business goals and track the outcome of the goals.

What is OKR software?

The OKR software is a tool that helps organizations to set strategic objectives, align team objectives, and monitor progress on objectives. The OKR software is used by many big organizations like Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

What are the benefits of OKR tools?

Implementing OKR tools has multiple benefits for the organization. OKRs promote discipline, focusing on main goals, and aligning team’s effort with organizational goals.

Why do Companies need OKR software?

OKR software enables businesses to set, share, and track the progress of strategic goals. By leveraging the OKR management tools, organizations can align individual’s efforts with organizational goals.