Advantages of Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Every year companies receive thousands of applications from various kinds of candidates with a different set of expertise. The technical requirements as well as the non-technical requirements vary across companies. The Resume of the candidate however, remains the same. Understanding the needs of the company and aligning the same with the resume of the applicant can be a real challenge, especially when the number of applicants keeps increasing.

An Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) comes to rescue in such a situation commonly faced by so many in the HR community. Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a software designed to help streamline the hiring process and make it efficient. The ATS market is expected to reach USD 2.34 Billion by 2026. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use an Applicant Tracking System to their advantage. It helps automate the decision-making process and improve the performance of the recruitment team. 

With the help of an ATS, the HR team responsible for recruitment can understand the specific talent needs of the company and align them to match the skills of the candidate. In short, an ATS can help attract, identify and hire candidates best suited for various positions.

Features of an Applicant Tracking System

Here are some of the features of an ATS that makes recruitment truly digital and innovative.

  • Job Posting

ATS allows posting jobs on online portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor with the click of a button, thereby streamlining the job posting process. 

  • Resume Repository

ATS helps create a repository for all the applications and uploads it on the company’s cloud. This makes data accessible to all without HR personnel having to put in manual hours.

  • Automated CV Screening

ATS helps significantly reduce time spent in CV Screening of multiple candidates with an automated system of resume parsing suited specifically to the talent needs of the organisation.

  • Interview Scheduling

With an ATS, hiring managers can schedule interviews with the candidates whose CV is shortlisted after the process of parsing. They can also send custom SMS and make calls through a unified platform.

  • HR Templates

An ATS provides the HR Team with a plethora of pre designed templates and scheme selection, that promotes synergy, consistency in communication and messaging. 

  • Automated E-mail Responses

ATS allows sending emails to pending mailing requests by automating the entire procedure.

  • Data Storage

All the data related to candidates for various job openings get safely stored in an automated repository for review later, if needed.

  • Continuous Feedback

An ATS allows the HR or hiring manager to share their feedback directly on the ATS system for other authorised people to see.

  • Easy Collaboration

ATS offers calendar features and detailed templates to help connect better with team members. This makes communication easier, faster, continuous, robust and more meaningful. 

  • Define Control

The entity using the ATS gets to define who gets access to which stage of the hiring pipeline, thereby maintaining confidentiality of certain aspects, if need be.

  • Requisition Raising

Along with the hiring manager, even the team members can raise requisitions for replacement or a new job opening once the owner approves it.

  • Personalised Notifications

ATS keeps all the stakeholders up-to-date with custom notifications. You can choose to get personalised reminders at every step of the hiring process.

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

To smoothen the recruitment process and make it timely and efficient, an ATS can being in great advantages. Zimyo suggests using an ATS at every stage of the hiring process. Here are the benefits:

– Less Time, Better Results

Hiring can be a tedious and highly demanding process. It often takes months to tick hiring and onboarding off the list. The time to hire can be defined as the time spent to fill an open job position. So, let us start from the very beginning and think about how we can channelize the resources available in an Application Tracking Software to optimise recruitment. 

Once the company provides enough proof of a seamless hiring process, it becomes easier for an aspirant to trust the company completely. Filing a certain job opening with the help of an application tracking system makes everything easy. A key metric that one can hold for assessing ATS is the significant reduction in time for recruitment. This allows for a larger spectrum of applications to be screened in a shorter time. 

Consider pool recruitment as an example. There are resumes coming in from several parts of the country and sometimes even abroad. A common aptitude test must be conducted for the same. Using an Application Tracking System makes conducting tests easier as it is done through a singular portal. This very portal and software can then be used for evaluating the test results and tallying it with the resumes. Time for evaluation is immediately cut short. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven onboarding process and verification make for an even lesser time required to complete recruitment. 

– Lower Hiring Costs

Every company is seeking to get a bang for the buck. An Application Tracking System will help the company look for the right candidate by doing away with costs related to advertisements, salary postings and other flexible costs like travel expenses for newly hired candidates. 

This requires lesser human effort on the part of verification and onboarding. The only investment is in the ATS software which will be able to fulfil  most recurring recruitment needs of the organisation. As a result, the individuals hired for making these hiring decisions can rely on the ATS and put in more time into managing the internal decision-making process of the company.  

– Better Quality of Talent

Since the entire hiring procedure is being reviewed by the software designed to do the same, the room for error gets minimised. The resumes and the applications are compared and only the best fit is selected. 

An applicant tracking system collects all applications in one area, assists hiring parties and recruiting managers to remain organised and complies with the terms of the companies. In practice and in theory, these application tracking systems can also save precious time by finding and separating out the profiles of top candidates. In actuality, Applicant Tracking Systems do assist HR professionals and help them optimise the applicants who apply in a pool manner. It odes not negate the importance of human intelligence in the recruitment process. It does away with the mundane and time-consuming aspect of recruitment so that the recruiter can use their intelligence to find the best fit for the organisation. 


We do have highly important decisions being taken by software but it is also important to factor in our human intelligence. At the end of the day human resources cannot survive as a sector if humans are absent from a company. Every decision taken must be scrutinised by the higher intelligence which is us, the real reason why human resource filtering software exists at all.  

With an Applicant Tracking System, you can track candidates at every stage of the recruitment process and ensure the whole process is transparent. Since every organisation has their own unique needs, you can define your own hiring pipeline.

Applicant Tracking Systems are a crucial aspect of the digital era of recruitment. Zimyo offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitisation to your recruitment process.

Schedule a demo with us and see if our solution fits with your current recruitment needs.

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