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Applicant Tracking System

Recruit The Right People, Right Away

From candidate sourcing to hiring, manage every step of your hiring process. Scale your organization with the best talents, faster.

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Job Board Integration in Applicant Tracking System

Increase job opening visibility by 10 Times at One Click

Reduce time spent on finding the right candidates and maximize job visibility. Get integration with top job boards and attract the candidates from multiple sources.

Job Board Integrations in Applicant Tracking System
Interview Scheduling in Applicant Tracking System

Interview Scheduling in Applicant Tracking Software

Schedule Interviews 5 Times Faster than Before 

Create a good impression on the candidate by streamlining your interview scheduling process. Send interview reminders to candidates and interviewers and set-up a feedback process.

Skill Assessment in Applicant Tracking System

Evaluate the Candidates 2X faster 

Set-up skill assessment tests based on the job profile to identify the best candidates. Move forward the potential candidate in the hiring cycle and evaluate the applicants faster.

Skill Assessment in Applicant Tracking System

Candidate Management in ATS System

Reduce Requisition to Hiring Time by 3X

Enhance your candidate search by storing the potential candidate profiles for future reference. Filter through the candidate profiles to quickly find potential candidates for the job role.

Candidate Management in Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System Zimyo

Real-Time Reports & Analytics in Applicant Recruitment Software

Track and improve the hiring process by 75%

Make strategic decisions with real-time access to a wide range of recruitment reports at your fingertips. Assess the reports to address the challenges in your hiring process.  

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The primary purpose of an ATS Software is to streamline the recruitment process by automating tasks such as job posting, resume screening, candidate tracking, and communication with applicants.

The core benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System include improved recruitment efficiency, better candidate experience, centralized recruitment data, and streamlined hiring processes.

ATS Software helps in recruitment by automating and streamlining the hiring process. It enables recruiters to post job openings, screen and track applicants, schedule interviews, and collaborate with team members all in one centralized system. This results in increased efficiency, reduced time-to-hire, improved candidate experience, and better hiring decisions.

An ATS Software can help with various post-selection tasks such as initiating the onboarding process, sending offer letters, scheduling orientations and training sessions, conducting background checks and verifying references, tracking progress and performance, and maintaining candidate and employee records.

An organization should use an ATS System when they receive a high volume of applications or when they want to streamline their recruitment process. It can also be useful when an organization wants to track and analyze recruitment metrics, ensure compliance with hiring regulations, and maintain a centralized database of candidate information.

When choosing an ATS recruitment software, an organization should look for features such as resume parsing, job posting and distribution, interview scheduling, candidate communication, reporting and analytics, and integrations with other HR tools.

According to a report by Marketresearchfuture, the market value of applicant tracking software is expected to reach 3.8 billion USD by 2030. So, there are multiple vendors for the ATS system in the market. Therefore, It is important to consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, scalability, customer support, and cost. Additionally, the software should comply with data privacy and security regulations.