Boost employee satisfaction

Employee's feedback software to build higher values within the workforce

Develop a culture of continuous improvement rather than delayed perfection by providing productive and well-structured employee feedback. This approach fosters growth and enhances performance across the organization, ensuring timely and effective progress.

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Employee Feedback

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360-Degree Feedback

Accelerate performance capabilities by 3x with multidirectional employee's feedback

Provide quality employee’s feedback to employees from not just managers but from everyone around them. From colleagues to customers, get a 360 degree insight about the workforce and their skills.

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Continuous Employee's Feedback

Fuel employee growth in real-time with round-the-clock insights

Establish a culture of continuous assessment and implement performance suggestions in parallel. Focus on fairness and make the entire process a cakewalk.

One-on-One’s Assessment

Strengthen the relationship with your teams and enhance competency by tenfold

Acquire uninterrupted sessions with employees to review performance, eliminate barriers, talk plans, and much more. Get the opportunity to know your employees on a personal level and make them feel valued.

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Employee Feedback

Surveys and Reports

Augment the overall employee satisfaction index of the company by threefold

Surveys to measure employee motivation, job performance, and the effectiveness of HR programs. reports can help project managers and team leads map the strengths and weaknesses in team performance.

How Zimyo helps in uncovering growth opportunities with Employee's Feedback Software ?

Agile Employee Feedback

Agile Assessment loops

Boost collaboration, commitment, and coordination among teams for timely submissions.

Satisfied Workforce

Establish satisfied employee groups with trust, engagement, and transparency.

Unbiased Evaluations

Unbiased Evaluations

Be fair and just with constructive criticism and advice to maintain a culture of equality.

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 Employee feedback software helps companies collect and manage employee input. It streamlines the feedback process, allowing businesses to gain a better understanding of employee happiness, engagement, and performance.

Employee feedback software frequently comprises sending surveys or questionnaires to employees in order to get feedback on various aspects of their work. The application can also collect other types of feedback, such as performance reviews or one-on-one sessions.

Employee feedback software can help firms understand their employees’ demands and challenges, resulting in increased employee engagement, productivity, and retention. It can also help identify opportunities for improvement within the organisation and provide statistics to enhance decision-making.

Absolutely, most employee feedback software allows for survey question customization and may be easily adjusted to an organization’s specific needs.

Employee feedback software includes security safeguards to protect employee data while maintaining confidentiality.

Employee feedback software works in tandem with other HR systems, such as performance management and applicant tracking systems, to provide a comprehensive view of employee data.

The frequency with which employee feedback is collected varies according to the aims and expectations of the organisation. Some businesses collect feedback once a year, while others collect it more frequently, such as quarterly or even weekly.

Ideally, all employees, as well as managers and other stakeholders who can use the feedback to enhance the organization, should be able to submit feedback. It is also critical to ensure that the feedback process is open to all employees.