Employee Self Service Portal

Self service at your finger tips

Help the employees by letting them help themselves. Make your employees less reliant on HR and let them take the reins for some specific functions with Employee Self Service.

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ESS Portal - Time & Attendance

Employee self service (ESS) portal allow employees to mark their own time & attendance and employers to view those details anytime, from their mobile phones.

Clock-in / Clock-out

Clock into the day as soon as you’re in the radius and wrap up by clocking out - all on your own.

Leave balances and holidays

Your very own leave & holiday book at your hand - view your balances whenever.


Access your punch time details at any time. Review your monthly attendance, clock-in/clock-out times, week-offs, upcoming holidays, and scheduled meetings—all in one convenient place.

Raise and Approve Requests

Apply for leaves, WFH, comp-offs, expenses, etc., all by your own and managers can approve it all. No HR intermediary required.

View and download payslips

ESS Portal - Payroll

ESS employee portal allow employees to access their own payroll details, CTC structure, download payslips, apply for reimbursements, view total earnings, and PF statements, everything at a unified location.

View and download payslips

Inspect all your payslips and download them whenever, for any month, right from your pockets with the Zimyo app.

Expense management

File your expenses in one place through the ESS portal and get an overview of your expenses with an intuitive dashboard.

Manage Tax Declarations

File your taxes and upload proofs on your own within minutes and no longer deal with finance professionals for filing your taxes.


Manage multiple projects and track billable hours on your mobile device. Log multiple time entries and create tasks—all in one place.

All-Inclusive Features

Transform the diversified HR operations into an automated mobile utility with Zimyo HR Software. Install the Zimyo Mobile App and interlink yourself and teams.

Personal documents repository

Allow employees to upload and view their own documents & records whenever they require right from their mobile phones.

View & download policies

Give employees access to view all company policies, acknowledge them once through and even download them for future use.

Raise requisitions

Let employees raise formal or official requests for internal mobility or any other job openings right from their smartphones.

Raise tickets and track the status - Helpdesk

Maximize employee satisfaction by addressing their queries, doubts, requests or complaints in real-time.

Personal documents repository
Communication on tribe from anywhere

Engagement & Communication

Easier interactions among the workforce, managers, and HRs by easily communicating information and data on the Zimyo Engage.


The platform where you can send and receive updates, messages, and information right from your smartphones.


Share your thoughts and conduct polls anytime and create a culture of enhanced engagement with Z-Feed.


Provide valuable insights for strategic decision making through surveys and polls.

ESS Portal- Performance

Empower your workforce with the opportunity to assess their own performance and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses.

Set, Track and Update your OKRs

With Zimyo OKR, set your own objectives, track your progress, and update your own metrics as you go.

Give rating to peers

Rate your colleagues and their work by providing them personal insights instead of relying on the managers.

Zimyo Benefits


Safeguard your workforce from unseen financial crises with Zimyo Benefits. Apply for the basic employee benefits right through your self service portal. Make employees feel safe & secure.

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The employee self-service (ESS) portal enables employees to manage their personal and employment-related information, including pay stubs, tax documents, insurance policies, requests for time off, and performance reviews, through an internet portal or mobile app.

An employee self service portal can help employees save time and reduce the administrative burden on HR. Using this, employees can access their personal information and work-related data from anywhere, at any time, which can improve efficiency and productivity. It also helps in the reduction of errors and miscommunications with paper-based or manual systems.

Through an ESS portal, employees can access a variety of information, such as their personal data (such as their name, address, and emergency contact information), pay and benefit details, time off requests and approvals, performance reviews, and opportunities for training and professional development.

Yes, most ESS portal are secure and protect employee information with advanced security features such as encryption, firewalls, and access controls. It is important for employers to choose a reputable provider and to follow best practices for securing employee data.

Employees can access the ESS employee portal through a secure online portal or mobile app provided by their employer. They can log in using their unique username and password and then access the various features and functions of the ESS module, such as submitting a time off request or updating their personal information.

Absolutely; our ESS portal has communication options that let employees contact their boss or HR personnel with messages or notifications. This helps send inquiries or comments, request support, or get information on a request’s progress.

Yes, many ess self service portal include features that allow managers to view and manage their team’s time off requests, performance evaluations, and other work-related data. This can help managers to stay informed and make more informed decisions about scheduling and resource allocation.