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The real-life cases of positive customer outcomes. Get to know how Zimyo helped these renowned organizations by solving their actual challenges.



Kayfi logo
"Zimyo is definitely a versatile and a user friendly system covering most of the operational areas in HR."
Sreepriya Mannattil
Sr. HR Executive, Kayfi
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Hiyp Corp Logo
"I find the HR platform provided by Zimyo to be exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive. The streamlined interface simplifies various HR processes, making it easy for both administrators and employees to navigate. The comprehensive range of features, from payroll management to leave tracking, significantly contributes to organizational efficiency. Additionally, the prompt customer support has been invaluable, ensuring a smooth experience. Overall, Zimyo's HR platform has proven to be an indispensable tool for our HR management needs"
Aura Gavrila
HR & Operations Specialist, Hiyp Corp
Barker Langham
"Overall experience was very good. Vedant was really helpful to help me with integrations and even after the implementation process."
Sanad Jaber
Project Consultant, Barker Langham
TVG realtors logo
"Zimyo has been a game-changer for us. Their HR and payroll solutions have not only simplified our operations but have also significantly improved our efficiency. From attendance management to performance evaluations, Zimyo's customizable platform has made our job easier, resulting in a more productive and happier workforce. We highly recommend Zimyo to any company seeking to streamline and elevate their HR processes."
Shraddha Gulani
HR Manager, TVG Realtors
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RBIC logo
"The overall experience with Zimyo has been exceptional, thanks to the assistance provided by the Zimyo team."
Rica Glaze
HR Representative, RBIC Home
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Smart Chain
"It was a great experience & most of the things are pretty straightforward and easy to use. Still, there is a lot to explore. Help & Support on queries and issues are awesome, with quick responses and fast resolution. Hoping this constant support will continue through the journey. Very happy with the product and support."
Irfan Sheikh
IT Admin, Smart Chain Technology
RSL Freight
"We are an organisation with branch offices in there regions and yet we were able to migrate to Zimyo effortlessly thanks to it's user-friendlines and the brilliant implementation customer support and implementation team. It has helped me to manage multiple locations spread over different regions with the greatest of ease."
Derrick Perera
RSL Freight
Panoply logo
"Zimyo's team including Ana and Anukaran was really good. They helped us throughout making the implemetation super quick an easy. Zimyo helped us solve problems like time management, organizing files, tax filing and many others."
Panply International Trading LLC
Eggoz Logo
"Zimyo simplifies attendance management for our organization. The leave and attendance are so streamlined that we have never faced any difficulties with the system."
Eggoz Nutrition
Little Nap
"The best thing about Zimyo is a fully automated system that streamlines each and every HR process and automates the manual HR operations. I would recommend it to organizations looking for a robust HR platform."
Piyush Gupta
Little Nap
Hillson Shoes logo
"We were facing several issues with our previous HRMS, but with Zimyo, everything is so easy and simple that it's been almost a year since we are using Zimyo's HRMS and payroll software and there's nothing I can complain about."
HR Manager, Hillson Shoes
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TR Sawhney Motors logo
"We were facing several issues with our previous tool , but with Zimyo, everything is so easy and simple that its been almost a 3 years since we are using Zimyo's HRMS andpayroll software and there's nothing I can complain about. Multiple years of repeated payroll errors, challenges in maintaining personnel records, and other HR-related issues, led us to look for a tool that can help it manage the critical HR functions without much effort."
HR Head, T.R Sawhney Motors
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Intellismith logo
"From efficiently onboarding new employees to seamlessly handling payroll processing, the software has transformed the way we manage our tasks. Our employees are particularly delighted with the user-friendly features, such as the ability to effortlessly raise helpdesk tickets and access critical documents through the mobile app. In essence, this system has significantly reduced our reliance on the HR department for everyday tasks, empowering both our employees and HR team alike."
Jigyasa Goel
HR Manager, Intellismith
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Kruma Travels
"Since implementing Zimyo, we’ve witnessed a significant enhancement in our overall processes, making multiple tasks more streamlined and efficient. The platform has played a pivotal role in elevating employee satisfaction and bringing about greater clarity in crucial areas such as salary management, leave tracking, and expense handling. Additionally, the platform has simplified the often complex process of investment declaration. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would confidently rate Zimyo a solid 9. It has truly revolutionized our operations and contributed to a more seamless and employee-friendly work environment."
Yojna Chaudhary
HR Manager, Kuruma Travels
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San Software
"Zimyo has got a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. I am currently using it to run payroll effortlessly. The salary slip generation and salary computation can be done within minutes. I could hardly find anything that I don’t like about the software."
San Softwares
Kommunicate Logo
"I was able to implement the platform on my own. It helps in assigning the tasks to other employees, conducting surveys and polls, and much more. The ease of use and self-onboarding is something that I would like to appreciate."
Slidetech Systems logo
"I and my whole team want to give a 4.8 star rating to the complete team of Zimyo. I would suggest other companies as well to leverage the automation capabilities provided by Zimyo to enhance their HR processes."
Amandeep Kaur
Sr. Manager HR, SlideTech Systems
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Go4Fresh logo
"Zimyo is up to date with all the requirements needed to efficiently manage all the HR activities. The software offers a solution to various problems that are being faced by HR leaders in this ever-changing business environment. However, if in any case, I ever felt anything was missing, the Zimyo team immediately took that up and ensured all my queries get resolved in a timely manner."
Anusha Mudholkar
HR Manager, go4fresh
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Elite Group Case Study
“Zimyo has transformed our HR processes with its user-friendly platform. The attendance tracking has become simple, whether through biometric, web, or mobile applications. The system’s simplicity extends to policy updates, with downloadable templates for quick adjustments. Zimyo has undoubtedly streamlined our operations, making it an essential tool for any organization serious about efficient HR management. Highly recommended!”
Gargi Borate
HR Manager, Elite Group
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Elite Group Case Study
“As a growing company, we faced various hurdles in managing HR processes like attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing. The complexities grew as our workforce expanded, leading to challenges in ensuring accurate payroll, compliance, and handling employee queries. The implementation of Zimyo has been a game-changer for us. The streamlined processes, particularly in attendance tracking and payroll management, have not only saved valuable time but have also enhanced the accuracy of our financial operations.”
Kanisha Ramrakhyani
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Startjuris Case Study
“My experience with Zimyo has been very good. The system has empowered our HR team to streamline every aspect of our day-to-day activities, freeing us from the burdens of manual processes and paperwork. The automated attendance tracking has been a game-changer, eliminating the challenges we faced with tracking employee’s attendance. Zimyo’s solution not only enhanced productivity but also significantly improved the overall employee experience through streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes.”
Pooja Nanda
Senior HR Associate, Stratjuris Law Partners
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Zeus Knowledge Center logo
"Our HR operations have undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting entirely from manual to digital processes. Previously, handling employee queries, leave and attendance tracking, and cross verifying the leaves details to process payroll consumed significant time and resources, with uncertainty about the accuracy. Now, with Zimyo, these tasks are completed within minutes, allowing our team to shift their focus to more strategic work. We highly recommend Zimyo for its efficiency and accuracy in streamlining HR processes."
Meenakshi Prasad
HR Head, Zeus Knowledge Center
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Saras America
"It was great experience with ZIMYO and we have automated the HR processes with help of Customer Success. Payroll with statutory compliance, attendance tracking and Employee engagement."
Sravan Kosana
HR Manager, Saras America
chintan logo
"The client/ customer front team and backend IT team are very active and communicative about the new features, support in case of any error of issue that arises and resolve the same as quickly as possible."
Apoorvi Chaturvedi
HR Admin, Chintan
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Entitled solutions
"As an HR professional, our role involves navigating a lot of challenges like overseeing employee leaves and attendance, running payroll efficiently, onboarding new team members, and meticulously tracking employee time and attendance. Since adopting Zimyo, managing these tasks have become a lot easier. Zimyo's user-friendly software empowers us to effortlessly oversee all aspects of these critical HR functions within a single, integrated system. "
Rohit Minz
HR Manager, Entitled Solutions
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IMZ corporate logo
"Zimyo has truly transformed the way we manage HR tasks. The comprehensive range of HR reports available in the system is incredibly convenient. We can effortlessly generate tailored reports to meet our specific needs with just a few clicks. Moreover, the customer support team has consistently impressed us with their prompt and dedicated assistance. Whenever we have a query, the CS team ensures swift resolution and exceptional service. "
Charu Grover
HR Head, IMZ Corporate
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 Ability Engineering logo
"Our payroll system is now running smoothly through Zimyo. The software is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is not required to take multiple training sessions to get familiar with the product. Overall, we are fully satisfied with the system."
HR Head, Ability Engineering
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Wafer Wire logo
"Our overall experience with Zimyo has been excellent so far. Zimyo’s payroll software automates the entire salary process, ensuring compliance management as well. The customer support team has been helpful and well-aligned with our queries."
Ankita Srivastava
HR Manager, WaferWire
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onclq logo
"Zimyo's HRMS solutions streamline our processes by introducing automation and insightful analytics. The impact has been truly remarkable. Our employees are now more productive and satisfied, and our HR operations have never been smoother."
Dev Sharma
Founder, Onclq
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