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"We were facing several issues with our previous tool , but with Zimyo, everything is so easy and simple that its been almost a 3 years since we are using Zimyo's HRMS andpayroll software and there's nothing I can complain about. Multiple years of repeated payroll errors, challenges in maintaining personnel records, and other HR-related issues, led us to look for a tool that can help it manage the critical HR functions without much effort."
Ms. Romika
HR Head, T.R Sawhney Motors
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"In just a few months, we have witnessed drastic improvement in HR processes. The tasks that used to consume our entire day can be done within few hours now!"
Ms. Bansi Thakker
HR Head, TLM International
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"I and my whole team want to give a 4.8 star rating to the complete team of Zimyo. I would suggest other companies as well to leverage the automation capabilities provided by Zimyo to enhance their HR processes."
Amandeep Kaur
Sr. Manager HR, SlideTech Systems
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"We were facing several issues with our previous HRMS, but with Zimyo, everything is so easy and simple that it's been almost a year since we are using Zimyo's HRMS and payroll software and there's nothing I can complain about."
HR Manager, Hillson Shoes
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"Zimyo is up to date with all the requirements needed to efficiently manage all the HR activities. The software offers a solution to various problems that are being faced by HR leaders in this ever-changing business environment. However, if in any case, I ever felt anything was missing, the Zimyo team immediately took that up and ensured all my queries get resolved in a timely manner."
Anusha Mudholkar
HR Manager, go4fresh
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"Zimyo is definitely a versatile and a user friendly system covering most of the operational areas in HR."
Sreepriya Mannattil
Sr. HR Executive, Kayfi
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"Our payroll system is now running smoothly through Zimyo. The software is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is not required to take multiple training sessions to get familiar with the product. Overall, we are fully satisfied with the system."
HR Head, Ability Engineering
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"Zimyo's HRMS solutions streamline our processes by introducing automation and insightful analytics. The impact has been truly remarkable. Our employees are now more productive and satisfied, and our HR operations have never been smoother."
Dev Sharma
Founder, Onclq
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"The client/ customer front team and backend IT team are very active and communicative about the new features, support in case of any error of issue that arises and resolve the same as quickly as possible."
Apoorvi Chaturvedi
HR Admin, Chintan
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"Zimyo has been a game-changer for us. Their HR and payroll solutions have not only simplified our operations but have also significantly improved our efficiency. From attendance management to performance evaluations, Zimyo's customizable platform has made our job easier, resulting in a more productive and happier workforce. We highly recommend Zimyo to any company seeking to streamline and elevate their HR processes."
Shraddha Gulani
HR Manager, TVG Realtors
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"The overall experience with Zimyo has been exceptional, thanks to the assistance provided by the Zimyo team."
Rica Glaze
HR Representative, RBIC Home
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