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Document Management Software

Simplify Your Employee Document Management process with Document Management Solution

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Why Zimyo HR Document Management System?

Store HR Document in Document Management System

Have access of every single employee’s data at one location

Store all employee documents – from payroll, performance to contracts, and letters – at one place with best document management software. Keep track of employee data with complete and accurate documents and stay compliant with the laws. 

HR Document
Employee Documents
Employee Document
My Documents
Driving License
Employee Documents - grid

Store Employee Documents

Build a structured & streamlined culture with smart documentation process

Zimyo HR software enhance the productivity and consistency of employees by storing all important data at one place. Employees can easily access their important documents at-the-go and save precious time.

Create Documents Library in Document Management

Make HR communication transparent and easier with pre-defined templates library

Enhance your employee experience with well structured document managmeent process. Gather workforce details, manage requests, onboard new talents, send emails in no time, etc., everything with tailored forms and email templates saved in the library.

Documents Library Background
New Template
Offer Letter Format
Document Templates


Generate tailored reports in a flash anytime you want

Have customizable reports at your disposal to access employee information and data anytime. From attendance and leaves to department and designation, easily sort and filter the reports according to different fields. 

Configure Policies in HR Document Software

Provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations with defined policies

Create company policies to define company’s rules and regulations at one place. Share with the workforce and get the policies acknowledged by the employees. Lastly, review the acknowledgement reports to keep track of employees who are compliant with the company laws. 

Policies Bg
Create Policy
HR Policy

Driving Impactful Business Growth with a Powerful Suite of Products

Core HR Zimyo HRMS
Automate HR operations on the go

Eliminate paperwork, simplify employee management, track employee data, and streamline all HR tasks.

Month wise distribution
Employee self service Zimyo
Elevate employee experience

Allow employees to manage personal information, access company policies and do much more.

Celebration Zimyo
My leaves
Timesheet Dashboard
Optimize work hours & project timelines

Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

Employee involve in the project
Engagement software Zimyo
Foster a positive work environment

Build a culture of communication and engage employees through one-on-one chat, group chat, surveys, polls, and more.

chat Zimyo
top performance management software
Drive a culture of high performance

Track employee progress, provide real-time feedbacks, and build growth-oriented teams.

Designaion wise projection
Applicant Tracking System Zimyo
Hire 5x faster

Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

time to hire
Payroll software zimyo
Run payroll in just 5 clicks

Process error-free payroll and disburse employees’ pay on time, anywhere, any device.

Gross Pay Distribution
Product Dashboard Zimyo
Real-time analytics
Consolidate key metrics and KPIs in a visually intuitive manner while streamlining and data representation.
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The document management software is a digital tool that helps organizations store, manage, and access employee files and documents in a centralized and secure database. Thus, enabling  the HR department to eliminate paperwork and store all important documents in a digital database. 

The HR department can benefit from document software in various ways. According to Statista, the worldwide market value of document management software is projected to increase to 6.78 billion U.S. dollars. Some of the benefits includes: 

  • Eliminates the needs for manual paperwork 
  • Reduces administrative costs 
  • Enhances document security 
  • Easy access to documents
  • Reduces the storage space 

Document management software runs on the cloud-based HRMS. It allows users to upload, categorize, and organize documents based on various categories. 

Yes, document management software is secured. It is based on cloud-based encryption, user authentication, and access controls to ensure sensitive information is secured. 


The document management software ensures compliances by enabling organizations to maintain proper employee documentations, HR policies, and other critical information in a centralized database. Furthermore, it helps in tracking critical documents, HR policies, and devising customized reports to access information anytime. 

Yes, employees can use document management solution to remotely access their documents. With the cloud-based solution, you can access your document from anywhere, at any time, using the ESS portal. This increases flexibility for remote teams or employees  on the go to access their documents from anywhere.