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Founders day Zimyo

Zimyo provides cloud-based solutions to businesses of all sizes and is a leading platform in the APAC region. The comprehensive smart HR platform with – Payroll and Expense Management, Employee Engagement, Performance Management System, Applicant tracking, onboarding, recruitment solutions, Employee Benefits, etc., is the only one to offer 40+ modules.

Zimyo has also considered the embedded finance segment from the HR tech space. It extends its services to offer tax-saving solutions, retirement plans, employee benefits, and financial assessments. Furthermore, the platform has integrations with top job boards such as LinkedIn, Google Jobs, etc., to ensure efficient recruitment.

What defines our culture

Our values define who we are and what we stand for. We believe that organizational values are a necessity for efficient working. These values must be aligned in a manner that benefits all. The Zimyo tribe stands for striving hard to make a measurable impact in the life of our customers with our services and solutions. Some fundamental beliefs of our organization are as follows


We strive to inspire, empower, and make a difference in the lives of our customers. 

Ownership and Accountability
Ownership and Accountability

We encourage leadership by inculcating a sense of responsibility in everything we do.

Constructive Feedback

We see feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Executional Agility
Executional Agility

Ability to adapt to the changing needs and demands of the business.

Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity

We strive to exceed customer expectations, deliver exceptional value, and build long-lasting relationships.

Intellectual Humility
Intellectual Humility

Be ambitious, Be Humble.  We foster a culture that promotes intellect, curiosity, and groundness. 

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You can also reach out to us at careers@zimyo.com

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