Bringing it all together- Zimyo’s Robust Integrations

HRMS Integration

Data Synchronization

Microsoft Navision

From eliminating repetitive tasks to reducing data entry time to speeding up the process, this integration is truly advantageous to organizations.

Single Sign On

Okta SSO

This integration helps organizations maintain a single sign-on to use Zimyo solutions. You don’t have to maintain different login credentials to leverage the benefits of the Zimyo products. Your employees can log in to our HRMS by using their Okta sign-in credentials.

Microsoft Outlook

Zimyo’s integration with Microsoft Outlook helps reduce admin and paperwork by reducing password issues by providing single sign-on. This makes the use of HRMS more convenient and synchronized.

Employee Training Platform


Zimyo’s integration with CXcherry is one of the most popular integrations. This enables organizations to provide training and fulfill the educational needs of the employees.

Financial Management


Wealthmaker contains tax exemption data that can be intelligently used by Finance and Payroll departments to help employees manage their finances and save taxes.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Data Synchronization


Say goodbye to resume spamming with this exceptional integration. Hire skilled and qualified people by conducting skill assessment tests. Zimyo’s integration with Wrky allows organizations to hire only skilled and qualified candidates by conducting skill assessment tests.

Resume Parsing


Make informed and sound decisions during the hiring process by using the resume parsing feature. Zimyo’s ATS is integrated with SenseLoaf to speed up the hiring process by processing candidate data much faster and more efficiently.

Background Verification


Zimyo’s integrations with TraqCheck enable organizations to boost the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of background checks and identity verifications. This helps you hire the right candidates, thus saving you from a number of potential risks and lowering unwelcome attrition rates.

Job Boards

Zimyo’s integration with assists you in finding talent from anywhere in India with its largest jobseeker database. Just a few clicks and your job vacancies will be publicized on portals like directly.



LinkedIn is a networking site with highly skilled professionals. Zimyo’s amalgamation with LinkedIn will provide you with an unlimited supply of professional connections and candidates to make near miracles happen for your company’s growth.


Google Jobs

Zimyo when fused with Google Jobs effectuates job openings all across the web. Job seekers, browsing through Google every day easily can find your job vacancies with this enhanced search tool. Integration with Google Jobs makes it a cakewalk for applicants to find your listings and job openings


Dr Jobs

Dr Jobs is a platform where you’ll only find top-rated profiles with their business brands and Zimyo helps you connect with them directly. Now hiring professionals can find qualified candidates and successfully fill openings within quality time.

Interview Scheduling


Helps the people to stay connected in this hybrid world, that’s what Zoom does. Zimyo incorporated with Zoom enables modern ways of hiring, delivers flexible communication, and hosts meetings with candidates without any hassle.


Overlapping events or scheduling conflicts can bid themselves a goodbye. Zimyo’s merger with Google calendar lets you schedule meetings or events by checking the availability of the teams and additionally sets reminders, shares necessary information, export/import events, and more.

Google Meet

Send meeting invites directly from Zimyo’s integration with Google Meet in the form of calendar events or email invites. Get connected with anyone from applicants to interviewees by just adding a couple of credentials to your software.

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