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What is a Recruitment Management System ?

A recruitment management system streamlines every step of your hiring process, thus making it 2X faster and efficient!

From finding the right candidates to moving the candidates to the onboarding process, our recruitment management system allows recruiters to hire the right people without any hassles.

Know how our recruitment management software can benefit your business

Spot, Interview, Score Top Talents

Just like the early bird catches the worm, the quick and skilled recruiters pick out the top talent. The more smart & effective your recruitment process is, the more top talents you can score! Identify and understand the strategic capabilities of individual candidates through our efficient recruitment management software.

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Onboarding in Recruitment Management Software

Paperless Onboarding

Our recruitment management software makes it easy to onboard new candidates by managing all the joining formalities beforehand, thus relieving the frustration of juggling endless documents and signing multiple forms on the first day of joining. Ensure a lasting first impression on your new hires offering an automated onboarding experience.

What do we have in Recruitment management software ?

Recruit like a pro

Simplify the complexities of single to multi-level requests and approvals for effective task management.


Applicant tracking System

Automate every process- from job listings to job distributions to defining unique workflows for each new job to keeping your hiring teams up to date- with our integrated Applicant Tracking System.

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Raise requisition easily

The requisition portal allows employees to raise requests and employers to fill in the vacant positions in time thus preventing any impact on productivity.

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Multiple Job Applications

Eligible candidates can apply for multiple job roles based on their skills or expertise. Both the candidates and the interviewer can mutually agree on the job role that best suits their skill sets.

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Candidate Management

Automated resume parsing, steering clear of ineligible candidates, applying search filters to search candidates from the database, qualifying and ranking candidates- all can be done via one single system.

Candidate Management

Why 2000+ Customers Trust Zimyo Recruitment Management System ?

Empower your HR leaders with highly customizable, easy to integrate, easy to implement, and user-friendly HR solutions

Fast hiring

2X fast hiring

Having all candidates’ information stored in a single centralized place, gives you faster access to the hiring process overview.

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Positive candidate experience

Zimyo’s recruitment management software enables you to get rid of the lengthy, un-streamlined hiring processes that often damage candidate experience.

Reduction in manual data entry

80% reduction in manual work

List jobs on various job boards such as and SM platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook in one go.

drop outs

Minimal drop-outs

Our recruitment management system hooks the candidates even before they become part of the team, thus reducing the drop-out rates.


Our onboarding and recruitment management software seamlessly integrate across different functionalities like and Google Calendar. Apart from that, you can also integrate the onboarding and hiring software with our other modules such as HRMS, Performance management software, time and attendance management, employee engagement, payroll management system, and more to manage all your employees and HR activities.

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Discover how renowned organizations are leveraging Zimyo solutions to drive productivity and growth in the organization.

Employee Self-Service

Ensuring smart use of smartphones!

Core HR-min

Our smart and bilingual & mobile application allows employees to view pay statements, mark attendance, apply for leave requests, check out HR policies and connect and communicate with their team members.  

Similarly, our Employee Self-Service portal makes it easy for HR leaders to monitor their employees from anywhere. Ain’t it great!


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Dynamic workflow is a feature that helps the hiring authorities create their own processes for different types of job opening. Since every job requires a unique method of requisition, hiring managers can define custom levels of requisition and onboarding for them.

To recruit candidates from third parties Zimyo has integration with Naukri, Indeed and Monster where organizations can directly post jobs and invite applications. Besides this, Multiple Job Applications feature enables companies to share their dynamic workflows with consultancies for hiring candidates.

Theft and manipulation of data is a major concern for any organization. The cloud-based solution helps secure internal database and employee information. HR Managers have to just upload candidate documents for the process to run seamlessly.

Yes, you can evaluate recruiter performance for every recruitment made by them and on the basis of the same appraise the latter. After every recruitment option will be provided for rating of the recruiters on the basis of human capital hired.

For times when one candidate applies for different job roles or in cases where he seems suitable for multiple roles they can be listed in varied job openings. With recruitment management software, HR Managers can monitor and manage candidate applications through the user friendly dashboard.

In case your organization does not have a job board on your official website our recruitment management system customized job boards for the same. You can also share our custom URL and QR code scanner with candidates to invite applications for various posts.

ATS offers organized information regarding candidates and enables HR managers to track them through various levels of the hiring process. Throughout the entire Recruitment and Onboarding process HR managers and other authorized individuals can have access to developments in candidate’s progress.

Yes, you certainly can pipeline resumes for future requirements with recruitment management software. These pipelined resumes can serve as human resource stock in the organization helping HR managers to not hunt for new candidates when need arises.

Resumes received on the portal are automatically parsed and candidate’s data is stored on the cloud-based solution. This data remains safe and saved for future references of the organization’s requirement.

The features that defines an agile Recruitment and Onboarding solution include Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Employee Onboarding, Talent Analytics, Resume Pipelining, Candidate Management, Dynamic Workflows. Zimyo offers you with all these functionalities in a budget-friendly manner.