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What is a Performance Management Software?

Boost performance, engagement & productivity by 2X

Performance Management System makes it easy to evaluate performance and recognize A-players!

Our smart Performance Management Software enables managers to provide employees with continuous feedback, encourage learning and development among employees, and create an inclusive people culture.

Know how our Performance Management Software can benefit your business

Optimize your performance review process

Achieve desirable goals by keeping track of the progress and providing timely feedback to employees. Manage every stage of your performance review process- from setting goals to tracking goal status and progress to keeping employees motivated to achieve those goals by offering continuous feedback.

Complicated performance management made simpler!

User-friendly performance management software that offers great insights into your performance management activity. Set clear and specific goals (KPI/KRA/OKRs), track employee performance, identify- A-Players, spot skill gaps, and measure overall performance in an efficient manner with Zimyo’s performance management system.

What do we have in store for you?

Choosing a goal and sticking to it can impact your overall performance. Define and assign SMART goals-KRAs, KPIs & competencies.
Goals setting and management
Grow with your employees by exchanging feedback. Create surveys or a rating mechanism for self-assessment, peer-to-peer recognition, and anonymous feedback.
360-Degree Feedback
Set, communicate, and assign goals without hassles so that all employees work towards achieving the same goal. Zimyo offers you ready-to-use OKR templates built for HR, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Support, and many other departments.
OKR framework
Examine strategically how your employees are performing and categorize employees (star performers, average performers, non-performers,) using normalization analysis or bell curves.
Employee Evaluation
Measure both performance and potential of your employees, 9-box matrix allows HR leaders to view relevant performance data such as performance score, potential score, and critical contributor indicator, etc. at a glance.
9 box matrix
With performance data stored in one centralized place, it becomes easy for managers to conduct effective, streamlined, and easy to evaluate performance reviews that help recognize top performers and spot outliers.
Performance Assessment

Automated feedback process that allows you to notify participants and raters, complete feedback forms, and deliver reports via email without any hassle. Thus making it easy to offer frequent feedback to employees without waiting for a year to end.

360-Degree Feedback

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Empower your HR leaders with highly customizable, easy to integrate, easy to implement, and user-friendly HR solutions
improved succession planning

Improved Succession Planning

When you have accurate, real-time data, it becomes easy to recognize and reward the right employees


Improved Productivity

Timely feedback allows employees to work on the area of improvement and become more productive.

increased employee satisfaction

Increased employee satisfaction and retention

Increased employee satisfaction and retention can be achieved when employees are reviewed fairly and honestly

performance review

3X improved efficiency and consistency in a performance review

Don’t wait for a year to end, share continuous and timely feedback so that employees always remain active throughout the year.


Our performance engagement software seamlessly integrates across different functionalities like Payreview Compensation, Hubspot, Calendar, and MS Teams. Apart from that, you can also integrate the performance management system with our other modules such as leaves and attendance management, employee engagement, HRMS, and more to manage all your employees and HR activities.

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Employee Self-Service

Reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency!

Core HR-min

Empower your people with our employee self-service portal that allows them to carry out basic tasks that were previously performed by HR leaders. Our bilingual mobile application allows employees to download pay slips, mark their attendance, apply for leaves, raise regularization request, and even communicate with their peers. 

Similarly, our employee self-service portal  enables HR professionals to track and monitor their employees at anytime from anywhere. 

Similarly, our employee self-service portal  enables HR professionals to track and monitor their employees at anytime from anywhere.


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A performance management system improves business performance and encourages employee development. Some of the top features of the performance management software include: 

  • Goals setting and management
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Normalization analysis
  • 9-box grid
  • Reward and recognition

A performance management system offers numerous benefits to an organization. Some of the top performance management benefits include: 

  • Regular performance reviews help organizations make strategic decisions. 
  • Performance assessment helps improve employee performance, which in turn, improves productivity in the organization.
  • Performance management helps identify and retain top talents.
  • It helps in making informed decisions regarding promotions and discipline. 
  • Performance management helps in identifying training needs.

Performance management involves the assessment of an employee’s performance keeping in mind the present and the future. Performance appraisal evaluates an employee’s role in the organization based on his past performances.

There is no perfect technique to manage and measure employee performance. However, there are different strategies that make the task more doable. 

  • Set Company Goals and Performance Objectives

  • Utilize Performance Management Software

  • Offer Frequent Performance Feedback

  • Use Peer Reviews

  • Promote Rewards and Recognition

  • Host Regular Meetings

In the past, performance appraisals were given only annually or half-yearly, but now things have changed. You can’t expect to encourage your employees to deliver the best quality of work by just giving them a hike every year. As managers, you must try to engage with employees to establish goals, monitor progress, provide feedback, seek feedback, reward and recognize star performers, and build strategies to encourage learning and development. You should not consider it as a yearly process, it must be an ongoing process.

There are different types of performance appraisal methods and some of them are as follows: 

  1. The 360-Degree Appraisal

  2. General Performance Appraisal

  3. Technological/Administrative Performance Appraisal

  4. Manager Performance Appraisal

  5. Employee Self-Assessment

  6. Project Evaluation Review

  7. Sales Performance Appraisal

There are many methods or approaches to the performance appraisal process but opting for a performance management system can be the best choice for you. Zimyo’s performance management system is comprehensive and easy to use. You can set clear goals, review employee performance collectively, get detailed insights into employee’s performance, and you can retain top talents by implementing rewards and recognition programs.

Performance management and appraisal process are important to retain and attract top talents in the organization. It also increases the overall performance and productivity in the organization. It fosters a collaborative work environment and boosts employee morale and satisfaction. You can encourage your employees to improve their performance by setting clear goals, offering clarity about job responsibilities, understanding employee expectations, and reflecting on future development needs.

Goal setting plays an important role in the performance management process. It acts as a mechanism for providing real-time feedback to the employees. By establishing and monitoring clear targets or objectives, you can give your employees real-time input on their performance while encouraging them to achieve more.

Promotions are directly related to the performance of the employees. To step up the career ladder, it is important for an employee to deliver good performance and meet employer expectations. The ratings or feedback received by the employees from their peers or managers may be considered in the final evaluation of the employee in any hiring or promotion action.