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Performance Management Software

Implement Modern Performance Tracking

Transform your Performance Management processes from a unidirectional, time-bound avatar to a dynamic and interactive one. Connect the dots of Alignment, Goals and Growth.

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Build a culture of
thought-leadership within the workforce

Communicate unbiased and actionable evaluations, boost the employees’ morale and develop tangible paths for your workforce. Recognize the employees for a job well-done with performance management software.

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Strengthen your employees’ performance by threefold with quality feedback

Build a culture of feedback to revamp positive behaviors, break the inaccurate ways, and empower the entire workforce to achieve goals more effectively with employee performance management software.


Align employees’ focus & boost organizational revenue by 3x

Set practical objectives with clear-sighted key results and track them in real-time. Encourage new behaviors, steer focus, and sustain the momentum of the workforce by setting and managing the goals for employees with performance management system software.

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Increase your organization’s success by monitoring the performance indicators

Effectively measure the overall productivity of the workforce and align them with strategic organizational goals.


Advanced automations to encourage a paper-less appraisal process

Integration with Zimyo Payroll Software to offer timely appraisal and compensations to the employees in accordance with their reviews.

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Here’s why 2000+ businesses trust Zimyo performance management software

Empower your workplace with highly customizable, easy to integrate, with effortless implementation, and user-friendly employee performance management solutions.

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When the data at hand is accurate and in real-time, recognizing and rewarding the employees becomes effortles

Increase in employee satisfaction & retention
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Attain immense employee satisfaction and retention by providing honest and timely reviews and feedback.

Boost in productivity levels
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Timely feedback provides employees with areas to work on and enables improvement and enhancement in productivity.

Enhanced performance efficiency
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Reward and share constant reviews and feedback with employees to boost their morale and enhance their performance.

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A performance management system improves business performance and encourages employee development. Some of the top features of the employee performance management software include: 

  • Goals setting and management
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Normalization analysis
  • 9-box grid
  • Reward and recognition

Employee performance management system offers numerous benefits to an organization. Some of the top performance management benefits include: 

  • Regular performance reviews help organizations make strategic decisions. 
  • Performance assessment helps improve employee performance, which in turn, improves productivity in the organization.
  • Performance management helps identify and retain top talents.
  • It helps in making informed decisions regarding promotions and discipline. 
  • Performance management helps in identifying training needs.

Performance management involves the assessment of an employee’s performance keeping in mind the present and the future. Performance appraisal evaluates an employee’s role in the organization based on his past performances.

There is no perfect technique to manage and measure employee performance. However, there are different strategies that make the task more doable. 

  • Set Company Goals and Performance Objectives

  • Utilize Performance Management Software

  • Offer Frequent Performance Feedback

  • Use Peer Reviews

  • Promote Rewards and Recognition

  • Host Regular Meetings

In the past, performance appraisals were given only annually or half-yearly, but now things have changed. You can’t expect to encourage your employees to deliver the best quality of work by just giving them a hike every year. As managers, you must try to engage with employees to establish goals, monitor progress, provide feedback, seek feedback, reward and recognize star performers, and build strategies to encourage learning and development. You should not consider it as a yearly process, it must be an ongoing process.

There are different types of performance appraisal methods and some of them are as follows: 

  1. The 360-Degree Appraisal

  2. General Performance Appraisal

  3. Technological/Administrative Performance Appraisal

  4. Manager Performance Appraisal

  5. Employee Self-Assessment

  6. Project Evaluation Review

  7. Sales Performance Appraisal

There are many methods or approaches to the performance appraisal process but opting for a employee performance management system can be the best choice for you. Zimyo’s performance management software is comprehensive and easy to use. You can set clear goals, review employee performance collectively, get detailed insights into employee’s performance, and you can retain top talents by implementing rewards and recognition programs.

Performance management and appraisal process are important to retain and attract top talents in the organization. It also increases the overall performance and productivity in the organization. It fosters a collaborative work environment and boosts employee morale and satisfaction. You can encourage your employees to improve their performance by setting clear goals, offering clarity about job responsibilities, understanding employee expectations, and reflecting on future development needs.

Goal setting plays an important role in the performance management process. It acts as a mechanism for providing real-time feedback to the employees. By establishing and monitoring clear targets or objectives, you can give your employees real-time input on their performance while encouraging them to achieve more.

Promotions are directly related to the performance of the employees. To step up the career ladder, it is important for an employee to deliver good performance and meet employer expectations. The ratings or feedback received by the employees from their peers or managers may be considered in the final evaluation of the employee in any hiring or promotion action.