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We at Zimyo, aim to provide you with the #1 employee experience with our cloud-based HR, payroll, performance, applicant tracking (ATS) and engagement platform that assists you in the talent management lifecycle.

Supported by an end-to-end implementation to improve your key metrics Zimyo optimizes everything from – recruitment, on-boarding and performance to turnover ratios, improved ESS procedures, succession planning, and a lot more, all backed by people analytics.
Now centralize all your employee data and align, track and celebrate the achieved goals. Develop a healthy culture with quality feedback and easy reporting with Zimyo’s convenient mobile app for employees.

Zimyo is rising perennially and with its 2000+ companies of varied sizes onboard, we are not looking back. Our solutions additionally have helped the organizations experience reduced employee attrition and an increase in retention rate.

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Customer Stories

The real-life cases of positive customer outcomes. Get to know how Zimyo helped these renowned organizations by solving their actual challenges.



2000+ Customers Onboarded

Zimyo successfully onboarded 2000+ customers worldwide, showcasing our strong market adoption and customer satisfaction.

2000 Customers Onboarded

Great Place To Work

Zimyo earned its certification as a ‘Great Place to Work.’ The certification is awarded based on the survey that the employees take anonymously and Zimyo passed it with literal flying colors.

“Great Place To Work”

1000+ Customers Onboarded

With continuous zeal and support Zimyo keeps surging up and already has 1000+ customers under its wing in this small timeframe. Aiming to rise even higher, Zimyo has pledged to never look back.

Customers Onboarded

Series A raised $2.2 Mn

After BEENEXT funding, Zimyo received another handsome amount of around 17 crores from the B2B marketplace IndiaMART Intermesh Ltd.


Aegis Graham Bell Award

Awarded with Aegis Graham Bell Award for ‘Innovation in Enterprise Solution’. To promote and recognize innovators and their innovations, Zimyo was honored as a top finalist with the AGB Award.

Aegis Graham Bell Award

Zimyo 2. 0 Launched

Zimyo 2.0 fuelled with the latest AI for a better workforce ecosystem. The upgraded version featured ‘Engage’ – a communication channel, one-to-one and company-wide, both. Other features like – ‘Surveys’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Mood-o-meter’ – to analyze an employee’s mood.

zimyo hr software

G2 - Highest performer - APAC region

We carry the badges of excellence and customer satisfaction proudly. Zimyo was awarded with G2 badges – High Performer APAC, Easy to use, Fastest Implementation, Easy to do business with, Users love us, etc, and aiming avidly for more of these prestigious titles.

asia pecific high performer

Benefits launched

To give the employees an unforgettable employee benefits experience Zimyo launched ‘Benefits’ as an additional resource. From personal loans and insurance to advance pay-outs and medical assistance, the list goes on and the retention rate soars.


Zimyo raises $1.5 Mn - BEENEXT

Zimyo raised 1.5 M in a seed funding round led by BEENEXT. YAT and AngelList, alike participated in the funding round. Renowned names like – Abhishant Pant, Founder at the FinTech Meetup and Navin Surya, Chairman at FinTech Convergence Council joined as well.


NITI Aayog -Crisis Solution Provider

Recognized by Nitiayog during Covid19. Zimyo has been stated as a startup helping organizations with employee experience during tough times.

Niti ayog Tweet

Angel fundraised by YAN

Zimyo raised a handsome amount of funding from Yatra Angel Network (YAN) and various other angel investors.

raises undisclosed funding from Yatra Angel Network, other angel investors

Payroll launched

To automate and rationalize the micro-tasks of creating payslips, managing, deductions, salaries, etc, of the HR personnel so they can concentrate on the macro tasks of the organization. Run your payroll in just 3-clicks.

zimyo payroll

Company Founded

Founded in 2018, by Kumar Mayank and Ajay Singh, with a vision to build a solution that assists all data-driven organizations with congenial employee experiences.

Zimyo enabled the teams to develop innovative cloud-based HR solutions that simplified the complex paperwork.

company founded

We are

Our Values

Our values define who we are and what we stand for. We believe that organizational values are a necessity for efficient working. These values must be aligned in a manner that benefits all. The Zimyo tribe stands for striving hard to make a measurable impact in the life of our customers with our services and solutions. Some fundamental beliefs of our organization are as follows



Our passion for transforming the HR industry motivates us to build solutions that inspire growth and innovation in the SaaS industry. We are on the mission to enhance the employee experience across the globe!


Customer Centricity

For us, customer satisfaction is always the priority. The entire Zimyo tribe strives to create a positive impact on the life of our customers.


Ownership and Accountability

We take pride in building leadership at the workplace. Our culture empowers employees by assigning them full ownership and accountability for their duties.

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