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Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!

Employee Engagement is directly proportional to Increased Productivity!

What is so great about our Tribe module?

With our employee engagement software, organizations can facilitate upfront conversations, hold brainstorming sessions, and manage projects. They can share informative and valuable resources, files or documents, and make important announcements in no time.


Enable employees to indulge in meaningful discussions, craft new ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links.


Build different channels for different communications. Communicate openly and work collaboratively.

Rewards and Recognition

Internal communication tool to reward, recognize, and appreciate employees who go the extra mile!


Chat privately and ensure that sensitive information is only accessible by the intended recipient.

Cherish Your Human Connections

Don’t lose the human touch at work. Keep your people engaged with our internal communication tool.

Gauge Your Employees Sentiments

Bring Your Distributed Teams Together

Remove all communication barriers and connect with your team members from across different locations.

Make Communications Easy

Reach People

Bid adieu to email conversations and communicate without any hassles by just typing a message in group chats or private messages.

Build A Better Work Culture

Open Feedback

A user-friendly internal communication tool for initiating dialogue, sharing happy moments, and improving work culture.

Why should you opt for our Internal Communication Tool?


Share Valuable Content

Share files, photos, memes, celebrate milestones, appreciate peers, with everybody in the organization with our internal communication tool.


Respond Faster

Utilize persistent collaboration and real-time information to respond faster to employees’ issues or concerns.


Increase Effectiveness

Encourage different methods of working and hybrid methodologies across the organization to provide autonomy to your employees.


Company Magazine

Upload photos of your team outings, office gatherings, parties, dinners, and events and create a company album or magazine.

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