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Complete HRMS Solution for Everything From Hire to Retire

A holistic HR software to automate everyday manual tasks. From centralized employee management to error-free payroll processing, Zimyo takes charge of everything HR.

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Employee Management in HR Software

Get 360 Degree View of Employee Details

Simplify your employee management process with robust HR software. From employee details to organizational structure, easily manage and track crucial data from one centralized system.

Document Management

Eliminate 97% paperwork by Digitizing Documents

Rule out the culture of tedious paperwork and safeguard all employee data in secure cloud storage. Effortlessly organize, store, and access documents whenever you need with a human resource management system.

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Employee Documents
Email Library
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Attendance Management System

Gain Real-Time Visibility on Employee's Attendance

Leave behind the manual process of updating employee’s attendance on spreadsheets. Simplify time & attendance management, shift scheduling, and generate accurate attendance reports to enhance your employee experience.

Zimyo Engage

Maximize Communication Across the Organization

Foster a positive work culture with a highly engaged and motivated workforce. A single platform for your team to conduct interactive surveys, make announcements, and communicate with their peers.

Company Mood Tracker
A holistic story of your employee starts with a well-crafted profile
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Personal Details
Employee Timeline
access and workflow
Roles and Permissions

Workflow Management in HR Software

Streamline and automate every repeatable task

Save time spent on redundant activities and enhance productivity by 2X with HR software. Streamline your HR operations with automated workflows for repetitive tasks.

Helpdesk Management

Address employee issues in
real-time and maximize the satisfaction

Present your company with an easy point of contact. Centralize all employee questions, queries, requests, and complaints. Attain full employee satisfaction by providing quick and effective solutions with a streamlined human resource management software (HRMS).

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New Ticket
Helpdesk Overview
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Assign assets

Onboarding and Offboarding Software

Effectively welcome new hires and bid them a memorable farewell

Onboard new employees into the company with proper knowledge, training, support, and appreciation. And when parting ways with the employees, tie all loose ends and turn them into a useful future contact.

Best HR Software Solutions to align all functions and employees

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Authenticate with application and website securely by implementing our
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Single Sign On (SSO) feature

Integrations with Google, Okta, and Microsoft Azure, to eliminate the chances of phishing. Streamline the entire process of signing in and using the application.

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Google Integration
Microsoft Azure Integration

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HR leaders are responsible for various activities within an organizational structure. An HR professional’s core HR functions include recruitment and onboarding, development, payroll management, employee engagement, time and attendance management, compensation, and performance management.

An HRMS, or human resources management system, is a comprehensive software suite used to manage core and strategic HR functions throughout the employee lifecycle. It automates daunting HR activities and enables HR leaders to track employee working hours, run error-free payroll, manage employee databases, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is extremely important, as happy employees are more likely to perform better. So,if you want to optimize your human capital, look beyond recruiting and onboarding. Connect with your employees, encourage rewards and recognition, provide regular feedback, and invest in the right technology.

A comprehensive human resource management system must facilitate time and attendance management, payroll and expense management, performance management, recruitment and onboarding, and employee engagement. 

The HR management system helps to increase efficiency by allowing the HR teams to automate redundant administrative tasks and shift focus towards other important activities. The software automates the core hr tasks like onboarding, offboarding, employee data management, payroll processing, and employee performance management.

Yes, our HR software offers a self-service portal and mobile application for employees, allowing them to access and update their personal information, view pay slips, submit leave requests, clock-in and clock-out and perform other activities all from their devices. This empowers employees and reduces administrative burden on HR teams.

Our HR management software is cloud-based, which means it is hosted on secure servers and accessible over the internet. This allows for easy accessibility, regular updates, scalability, and no requirement for on-premises infrastructure and maintenance.

Zimyo human resources management software offers a comprehensive range of features including; employee information management, leave and attendance tracking, employee onboarding/offboarding process, document management, policy management, and more. By implementing our HR management solution, you can empower your HR team and enhance your employee experience.

The most common HR solutions benefits are as follows:
  • It improves the efficiency of the HR department
  • It aids in the recruitment process.
  • Tracks employee data with ease
  • Scheduling of employees efficiently and easily
  • Performance evaluation
  • Payroll management
  • Better HR analytics
  • Data reports gathered lead to better and quality decision-making

HR technology allows your HR to pay attention to what cannot be accomplished by using the software. It helps your HR perform a large portion of their job with the tools offered by HR technology like:

  • Employee Management- This includes recruiting, onboarding, training and development, attendance, grievances, etc.
  • Payroll Management- Everything from drawing up employee salaries with withholdings to providing incentives can be easily managed without any bias.
  • Policy Management- Taking care of statutory compliance, labor laws, HR laws, etc., can easily be kept track of.