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Candidate Management Software

Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Redefine relationship with candidate by engaging them from day 0

Trusted by 2000+ customers

Bulk Resume Parsing

Save 60% Time Spend on Uploading Resume 

Save your time spent on manually selecting a candidate’s resume in your system. Get smart with your resume management process by parsing multiple candidate resumes in one go.

bulk resume parsing in candidate management software
Talent pool in candidate management software

Talent Pool

Get Candidate Database for Future Job Openings

Save time spent on looking for skilled candidates. Simply store the data of all applicants with relevant skills for future requirements.

Candidate Review Cards

Provide Feedback at Every Step of Hiring Process

Ensure that you hire only the most suitable candidates for the job role. Assess the skills of the candidates based on the customized review cards for every job function.

Candidate Review Cards in Candidate Management Software
Customized Hiring Process Workflow in Candidate Management Software

Customized Hiring Process Workflow

Reduce Time-to-Hire by 75%

Avoid delays in the hiring process by moving forward applicants quickly and efficiently with recruitment management software. Set the hiring workflow to determine the steps followed during every stage of hiring cycle.  

Custom Templates

Enhance Communication During Hiring Process by 3X

Accelerate your hiring process by effectively communicating with multiple candidates. Set customized templates for emails and SMS to communicate with applicants at all stages of the hiring process. 

Custom Templates in Candidate Management Software

Testimonials & Achievements

High Performer Mid Market
High Performer ROI
High Performer Asia pacific
ATS High Performer Momentum


Employers can streamline the hiring process with the aid of candidate management software. It makes it possible for recruiters to quickly find, evaluate, and monitor candidates.

Candidate management software includes features such as resume parsing, applicant tracking, job posting, interview scheduling, and analytics. It helps recruiters manage and communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process and quickly identify the most qualified candidates for each role.

Using candidate management software can help companies to save time and money on the hiring process, improve the quality of their hires, and enhance the candidate experience. It also helps to streamline communication and collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.