Attendance Management System and its Role in the Payroll Department

What is the Attendance Management System?

Fitting into a rapidly evolving world is the very first instinct of survival. One must stay up-to-date to avoid falling behind and missing out on all the opportunities out there.  As valid as it is for survival, your business also needs to keep moving with what is new in the market. Imagine moving around the office with a paper just so that you can mark the employee attendance. It is just a waste of time and staff. How do we change this? The answer is simple, switch to automated HRMS attendance software! Attendance software refers to an online interface wherein employee attendance tracking is as automated as it can get.

With employee time and attendance software, you can easily log the hours spent by your staff in the office. How does it work? You can either enter the hours spent by the employees on work or you can provide employee self-service which helps them mark their attendance on the system that is accessible by their managers. Employees can even apply for leaves on this attendance tracking system. In addition to this, cloud attendance management software endows an employee with secure online attendance logging as a cloud-based service. A cloud-based system allows you to incorporate features like biometric attendance, easy data storage, and accessibility.

Features of Attendance Management Software:

While choosing an employee attendance tracking system, you must look for these 10 key features that can make your system stand out:

  • Time Management- An employee should be able to register for break periods, mark his attendance easily with an attendance biometric system or attendance punching machine.
  • Attendance and Leave Management- The attendance management portal should enable the employees to quickly apply for leaves, track leave balance, and get approval or rejection for leaves.
  • Payroll Management- The payroll system should help HR professionals to generate automatic payrolls. Robust payroll software should assist in creating accurate and fast invoices, filing tax forms,  and it should be easy to integrate with other in-house software.
  • Report- The attendance management software must help in the generation of reports that carry all the information related to the leaves, expenses, working hours, etc. of the employees.
  • Attendance Biometric System- Use of the latest fingerprint scanning or face recognition feature for marking attendance eliminates the fraud of proxies.
  • Check-in Alarms- If an employee forgets to check-in after a break, the system should be able to send a notification to the employee’s manager so that appropriate action can be taken against these anomalies.
  • Calendar Syncing- Attendance management system can also be synced with digital calendars. This will help everyone in the staff to know about a person’s availability. This feature is extremely beneficial for remote teams.
  • Cloud Service- A cloud-based attendance management system is accessible from any device and it also helps in storing large data in one place.
  • Employee Self-Service- This feature allows the employees to mark their attendance without the involvement of their managers.
  • Analytics- Attendance management system backed with advanced analytics can help HR professionals to manage their workforce efficiently. It can offer a detailed analysis of overtime, frequent breaks, etc., which can help the employers to decide what benefits they have to offer the employees.

Attendance Management System in the proper management of the payroll

Attendance management is exceptionally beneficial for the finance department of an organization as it can ease the workflow of payrolls, leaves, and performance reviews. The role of the attendance management system in payroll processing include the following:

  • Staff attendance and working hours recorded by the attendance management system can help HR professionals to generate accurate paychecks.
  • With a time and attendance tracker, one can evaluate the efforts put in by the employees and reward the ones who have been doing overtime or have been regular with monetary benefits or incentives that add directly to their payroll.
  • Attendance and payroll management systems leave no space for errors as the calculations are fully computerized which does not leave any gap for fraudulence.

Just like everything, your attendance management and payroll processing should also go digital and as mentioned above, the attendance management system has a role in payroll as well. In this fast-paced world, it becomes vital for the organizations to shed the baggage of its staff so that more time and attention can be given to major business activities.

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