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Payroll Software

Swift and Error-Free Payroll Processing in Minutes!

Put an end to month-end payroll worries! Make your payroll process fun & fast with 100% error-free and compliant payroll software!

Adopt Advanced Payroll System

Trusted by 2000+ customers

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Statutory Compliance in Payroll

Reduce Payroll Tax Penalties by 98%

Stay compliant, stay stress-free! Free yourself from the tax filing burden. Let us take care of your compliance requirements like PF, ESIC, Professional tax, TDS, EDLI, etc.

Statutory Compliance in Payroll Software
Expense Management in Payroll Software

Expense Management in Payroll Software

Settle Employee Expenses 5x Faster 

Simplify your expenses management process with Zimyo payroll software. Create reimbursement approval workflow to let employees claim expenses reimbursement quickly and accurately.

Payouts in Payroll Software

Disburse Salaries in Minutes!

Calculation of employee’s salaries is no longer a hassle with Zimyo. Sync the payroll system with HRMS to ensure 100% accurate salary calculation, quick salary disbursement, and complete transparency.

Payouts in Payroll Software
Payroll Automation in Payroll Software

Payroll Automation in Payroll Processing

Run Payroll in 5 Simple Clicks!

Simplify your payroll process in 5 simple clicks with Zimyo. Be it tax, compliance updates, accurate expense management, or benefits administration, we got your covered!

Benefits Management in Payroll Software

Enhance Employee Satisfaction by 10X 

Ensure great employee experience by providing enticing employee benefits. Engage and retain top talents and build a culture where employees are valued the most!

Benefits Management in Payroll Software

Why 2000+ Customers Trust Zimyo HRMS?

Empower your HR leaders with highly customizable, easy to integrate, easy to implement, and user-friendly HR Payroll Software solutions.

Timely Employee Payouts

Timely Employee Payouts

Delay in salary disbursals? No more. Our payroll software processes employee salaries within a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly Integrated

Unlike most HR platforms, Zimyo’s payroll software enables you to combine your payroll and HR solutions to simplify your daily operations.

Bonus Other Payables

Bonus & Other Payables

Want to give your employees an extra boost with some incentives? Our employee payroll management system can help you handle a multitude of additional payment options with just a few clicks.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer Support

We’re always there to help you. Enjoy an excellent customer support team to efficiently assist you and provide the level of support you expect from us.

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Ready to automate your Payroll process?


The payroll management software is an application that helps organizations disburse employee salaries all at once. The software takes into account various factors like employee attendance, leaves, working hours, tax calculation, enabling the HR team to eliminate manual errors and save time on compliances obligations. The software helps businesses calculate wages, taxes, deductions, and other relevant payroll-related tasks, enabling accurate and efficient payroll processing.


Payroll processing is one of the core tasks of any organization. Top organizations all around the world rely on payroll solutions to streamline their employee compensation process. Here are some reasons why:

  • Accuracy: Manually calculating the salaries of each and every employee can lead to human error. Especially, with ever changing laws and compliances, processing employee salaries can be time consuming task. With payroll management solutions, you can ensure that employees are paid the accurate amount without any worry of errors.

  • Save time: Payroll solution automates and streamline the process of calculating employee wages, taxes, deductions, benefits. Furthermore, it reduces the time and effort required to perform manual calculation, allowing them to focus their attention on other important functions.

  • Compliances Management: The payroll solution helps organizations stay compliant with various legal laws and compliances related to employee taxes. It can automatically calculate the taxes, handle deductions, and generate reports needed for tax filings and audits.

  • Reporting and analytics: The payroll management software provides organizations with comprehensive reports and analytics capabilities. The users can generate various types of reports to make informed decision related to budgeting and financial planning.

The payroll solution automates the process of managing employee compensation, including salaries, deductions, and taxes. Here’s how payroll software works: 

  • Store employee data: The payroll solution enables the users to store employee details, including names, addresses, bank account details, and other information.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking: The software is synched with a time and attendance system to accurately track employee working hours, breaks, absences, and other relevant information.
  • Payroll calculation: The software uses the employee data to accurately calculate the gross pay for each employee. It also considers other factors like deductions, taxes, and allowances to calculate the net pay.
  • Payment Generation: Once the net pay is calculated, it directly deposited employee wages into the bank account. It also generated salary slips that employees can download from their ESS portal. 

The SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) can greatly benefit from HR and Payroll solutions. In a fast-paced competitive environment, the SMEs cannot afford to waste their valuable time on HR and payroll issues. By implementing HR and payroll solutions, they can streamline the repetitive tasks and focus on important tasks. 

When selecting a payroll software, there are several key features that you should consider. Here are some important features to look for: 

  • Payroll Automation: The payroll solution should be able to automate the payroll process, including calculating salaries, deductions, taxes, and generating pay checks.  This feature saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Tax Compliances: It is essential that the software should be able to stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations. It should be able to handle local taxes, compliances, and regulations.

  • Reporting: The software should generate accurate and comprehensive reports, such as payroll summaries, tax filings, and financial reports.

  • Security and Data Protection: The employee payroll information is sensitive data, so the software should be able to prioritize security and protection. Ideally, you should look for features like data encryption, access control, and cloud-based systems to protect confidential information.

  • Pricing: It is important to evaluate the pricing of the software and consider the overall value it offers to your business. You should compare features, support, and scalability against the cost to ensure it matches with your budget. 

Remember, these features may vary depending on your specific business requirements, so it’s important to assess your needs and prioritize accordingly.

The admin dashboard has a user friendly interface and you can easily navigate through the various fields reflecting on the screen. The graphical representations gives you and overview and helps you monitor employees expenses and regulate them. 

Yes, our payroll solution is flexible enough to accommodate various pay structures. You can configure a salary component to have different amount for employees having same salary structure.

Yes, our payroll solution includes all the tax management features. It can automatically calculate federal, state, and local taxes based on the employee’s information and the applicable tax rates. The software can also generate tax forms and reports, and challans helping businesses stay compliant with tax regulations.

Reimbursements are included in the employee salary, whereas, expenses are not a part of the salary structure. Expenses can be both postpaid and prepaid.

There are various ways by which organizations can track payroll and expense of their workforce. These include graphical representation, custom workflows with access control level.

The payroll software is helpful for employees because it ensures that employees are paid their salary accurately and on time. It helps avoid technical compliance mistakes and ensure that business runs smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, it enables the employees to view and download their payslips directly from the software. Lastly, it helps to avoid payment issues and conflict between employees and employers.

An automated system makes the expense management system more accurate and time-efficient. Organizational expenses become easy to track and HR Managers can seamlessly regulate compliance with policies and regulation.