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What Is Payroll Software?

When it comes to payroll, pressure is just a part of the job, right? However, with Zimyo’s payroll solutions you can say goodbye to this pressure. Our payroll software streamlines and simplifies your payroll activities. Developed for small businesses to larger corporations, it helps you run the entire payroll process in just 3 simple steps. Be it tax and compliance updates, accurate expense management, or excellent customer support, name it and we have it.

Know How Our Payroll Software Can Benefit Your Business

Payrolls In Just 3 Simple Clicks!

Our payroll management system handles every part of payroll processing, so you can end the month by putting a smile on your employees’ faces. With Zimyo, you can easily manage your data & bring payroll errors close to ZERO.

Payroll in 3 clicks
Minimal Tax & Compliance Errors

Minimal Tax & Compliance Errors

Minimize your chances of non-compliance and simplify your entire payroll minus all the hassles. We’ll handle complicated payroll issues with precise tax deductions so you don’t have to worry about fines or penalties as your company grows.

Minimal Tax & Compliance Errors

What do we have in store for you?

  • Compliances
  • Benefits and Reimbursements
  • Salary Computation
  • Perquisites, Loans and Advances
  • Invoices
  • Expenses

Keeping your business compliant can be very tedious. Thankfully our payroll software does most of the work for you, such as automatically calculating and filing payroll taxes.


Our powerful payroll software enables you to provide enticing benefits and faster reimbursements to your workforce.

Benefits and Reimbursements

Don’t lose your precious time getting stuck in stressful recalculations in payroll. Whether it’s deductions or salary calculations, our payroll software will keep your process 100% error-free!

Salary Computation

Our payroll software handles cumulative data management of employee’s personal and professional loans along with other benefits and privileges.

Perquisites, Loans and Advances

Our payroll software helps you generate automated recording of invoices and manage vendor & salary entries efficiently.


With our powerful payroll solution, keep track of employee expenses of all sorts including travel, accommodation, and much more.


Why 500+ CHROs Trust Zimyo HRMS?

Empower your HR leaders with highly customizable, easy to integrate, easy to implement, and user-friendly HR solutions

Timely Employee Payouts

Timely Employee Payouts

Delay in salary disbursals? No more. Our payroll software processes employee salaries within a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

Bonus & Other Payables

Bonus & Other Payables

Want to give your employees an extra boost with some incentives? Our payroll management software can help you handle a multitude of additional payment options with just a few clicks.

Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly Integrated

Unlike most HR platforms, Zimyo's payroll software enables you to combine your payroll and HR solutions to simplify your daily operations.

Excellent Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support

We're always there to help you. Enjoy an excellent customer support team to efficiently assist you and provide the level of support you expect from us.


Our payroll management software seamlessly integrates with M2P to give you an experience like never before. Apart from that, you can also integrate it with time and attendance management, employee engagement, and our other HR solutions to manage all the busy work.





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Case studies

Case Studies

Discover how renowned organizations are leveraging Zimyo solutions to drive productivity and growth in the organization.

Employee Self-Service

Access your most important HR & payroll information right from your Pocket.

Core HR-min

Bilingual & intuitive mobile application for employees to view pay statements, time entry, leave requests, work schedules, policies, and organizational news and submit the requests on the go.

Zimyo enables employers to monitor their employees from anywhere. Similarly, employees can access salary slips, request time off, mark their attendance & apply for leaves– all from their smartphones.


Awards & Recognitions

Try one of the most awarded HRMS Ever!


The admin dashboard has a user friendly interface and you can easily navigate through the various fields reflecting on the screen. The graphical representations gives you and overview and helps you monitor employees expenses and regulate them. 

Yes, you can configure a salary component to have different amount for employees having same salary structure.

Zimyo’s cloud-based solution keeps all data entered by you safe and far from the reach of any theft. 

Reimbursements are included in the employee salary, whereas, expenses are not a part of the salary structure. Expenses can be both postpaid and prepaid.

There are various ways by which organizations can track payroll and expense of their workforce. These include graphical representation, custom workflows with access control level.

Once in every 4 years organizations bear expenses of their workforce’s travels. These travels are a part of perquisites offered to employees as gesture.

For any organization, Statutory Bonus is calculated on the basis of Minimum Wages as applicable for them. 

An automated system makes the expense management system more accurate and time-efficient. Organizational expenses become easy to track and HR Managers can seamlessly regulate compliance with policies and regulation.

Payroll mainly comprises of 4 main components. These include basic pay, allowances, deductions and IT declarations.