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Leave Management System

Streamline Your Leave Management Process

Save time, money, and effort with automated leave management solutions that take away the hassle of manual processes.

Trusted by 2000+ customers

top leave management system in india

Leave Planner in Leave Management Software

Configure holidays with ease

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork – with Zimyo, you can quickly and easily configure public holidays with just a few clicks. Keep your team updated on any changes with our automated notifications.

Leave Balance Tracker in Leave Management System

Leave balance tracker for maximum efficiency

Our unique leave balance tracker helps manage employee leaves in real-time, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Keep an eye on each employee’s leave balance using our advanced dashboard and get detailed insights into their usage patterns.

leaves Balance Tracker
Attendance Regularize

Smart attendance regularizer in Leave Management System

Get 100% Attendance Marking

Our smart attendance regularizer allows you to keep track of employee attendance in real-time – giving you the ability to edit or modify any irregularities quickly and efficiently.

Statistical Reports in Leave Management Software

Get Employee Data On Your Fingertips

Generate comprehensive statistical reports with ease, and make informed decisions based on the data presented in an organized manner.

Leave Report
Shift Management

Shift Rotations in Leave Management System

Monitor Employee Attendance with Elevated Transparency

Manage shifts with ease – set up shift rotations for employees and configure as per your organizational requirement.

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The leave management software tool that helps to manage employee leaves and time-off requests in the organization. The software allows employees to submit leave requests, enables managers to review and approve/deny leaves, and provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing employee leave balances and schedules.

Yes, the employee can access the leave management system from their ESS mobile portal. It enables employees to submit leave requests, check leave balances, and view leave schedules from their smartphones. Thus, providing convenience and accessibility to leave management process.

The leave management system offers numerous benefits to organizations. Some top benefits include: 

  • Improved Accuracy – The software automatically tracks the leaves taken by employees in the month. Thus, reducing the chances of manual calculation errors in spreadsheets.
  • Simplifies leave management- The employees can apply for leaves from their mobile ESS portal. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork or writing long emails to request leaves. 
  • Customization – The software allows managers to configure different types of leave policies according to their business needs.
  • Enhance Transparency – Both employees and employers can view the leave balances, schedules, and leave approval/denial. Thus, promoting transparency and eliminating confusion.  
  • Compliances – The system ensures that leaves are configured according to the latest compliances and regulations. 


Yes, the admin can configure the type of leaves based on their policies and requirements from the HRMS. The employees can apply for these leaves according to their leave balances and leave schedules.

Yes, the leave management system provides reporting functionalities that allow managers to generate various reports related to employee leave management. The reports include information related to leave balances, leave history, attendance trends, and leave utilization, which can be helpful in decision-making and HR analytics.