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Employee Surveys

Uncover Key Data for Informed Decision-Making

Elevate your business strategies with a survey tool – designed for seamless data collection, actionable insights, and unparalleled decision-making.

Trusted by 2000+ customers

Create employee survey

Create Surveys

Measure and improve employee engagement

Collect employee feedback through open or anonymous surveys. Understand employee preferences and satisfaction levels for improving workplace culture.

Dashboard Analytics

Seamless Insights: Your Team's Feedback, All in One

Navigate employee insights with precision and ease. Identify trends, facilitate decision making, and empower your business with powerful dashboard analytics.

Schedule Employee Survey
Employee survey configuration

Smart Configurations

Optimize data collection and tailor the survey-taking experience

Configure settings for survey accessibility, response validation, and anonymity. With flexible configurations, it empowers users to design surveys aligned with specific goals, whether it’s gathering employee feedback, conducting employee assessments, or executing complex market research studies.

Why 2000+ customers trust Zimyo Engage

Empower your organization with highly customizable, easy to implement, and user-friendly employee engagement software

Lower Absenteeism Burnout

Improve Employee Participation

Get rid of long, boring survey forms and improve employee participation by offering them short and interactive polls and surveys

Gauge Your Employees Sentiments

Boost Employee Satisfaction

When you take your employees’ opinion for important business decisions your employees feel more satisfied

Make Communications Easy

Reduce Survey Fatigue

Say no to manual work. Automated surveys and pre-designed templates help HR managers to save time and effort

Build A Better Work Culture

Notify Employees

Send automated notifications to your employees asking them to submit their feedback as soon as you create an employee survey.

Testimonials & Achievements

High Performer Mid Market
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