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What is Human Resources (HR) policy?

Human resources policies are a set of guidelines that ensures every employee is fairly treated in the workplace and offers a defined framework of how activities are conducted at the workplace/ for decision-making in the organization. These policies are generally tied to employment laws and developed by HR managers alongside the company’s management to avoid penalties and non-compliance from the government. 

What are the functions of HR policy?

The HR policies are essential for smooth operations and the decision-making process. By implementing HR policies, organizations can ensure that they adhere to legal compliances and regulations. Furthermore, the policies set out the standard of behavior and procedures for every activity in the workplace. Here are some important functions of HR policies.

  • Ensure smooth communication between employer and employees
  • Ensures that all the employees are treated fairly and equally
  • Establishes the standard guidelines followed in the organization
  • Assist the management in the decision-making process
  • Protects the organization from legal compliance and regulations
  • Establishing a healthy and transparent work culture
  • Establishes a framework to address employee grievances and issues

Why do organizations need to have defined HR policies in place?

It is often seen that an organization with a large workforce usually faces multiple challenges regarding employee management and grievances. The HR policies act as a guideline that demonstrates a standard procedure for every activity in the workplace. Thus, if a problem arises in the organization, management can look into the HR policies to tackle the issues. This enables the management to save time and make quick decisions. Therefore, clearly written HR policies help strengthen employee engagement, navigate workplace challenges, and ensure that the organization adheres to all the employee legal laws and regulations. Here are some importance of implementing HR policies in the workplace.

  • HR policies ensure that the employees are treated fairly and their rights are protected
  • HR policies help to address the grievances and complaints of the employees
  • HR policies help to bring transparency and healthy working culture in the company
  • HR policies protect the organizations from legal issues and regulations
  • HR policies provide a standard framework for every aspect of employee management

HR Policies Template

As mentioned, HR policies are essential for safeguarding employee’s interests and ensuring a smooth working culture. Depending upon your regional law and workplace culture, there can be multiple policies. However, manually creating each and every policy can be a time-consuming task for HR professionals. To make your organization’s process more efficient, we have curated a list of templates every organization needs to implement HR policies. These templates are designed to provide insights on creating HR policies for your organization. You can use these templates to design your own organization’s policies for managing day-to-day operational issues.

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