One-on-ones for managers: boosting productivity and engagement

Before the pandemic hit us, it was not easy to conduct 1-on-1s between managers and their direct reports. Reading people and starting a conversation with them that does not intimidate either of the parties can be challenging.

Cut short to today, where most employees are working from home, conducting these regular meetings can be even harder for managers and direct reports.

This guide will help you break that ice and give a structure to your one-on-one meetings in the current scenario.

This eBook covers:
  • What are 1-on-1s?
  • Benefits of 1-on-1s
  • How to make 1-on-1 meetings work
  • Example topics to cover in 1-on-1s
  • Getting started with 1-on-1s – Templates for managers
A manager's guide to effective one-on-ones

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