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Breaking Barriers and Bridging the Communication Gap through Announcement Software

From News to Results, Experience the New Era of Announcements

Trusted by 2000+ customers


Announce to Employees On the Go

Showcase team tales beyond the cubicles

Empower engagement with our employee spotlight feature that lets you share achievements, photos, updates, and more fostering a vibrant, interactive workplace community.

Celebration Updates

Milestones Celebration Central Hub

Discover upcoming employee celebrations in the “Celebrate” feed section, featuring birthdays, work anniversaries, and marriage anniversaries. Share wishes and more—cultivating a personalized, engaged workplace community.


Central settings and permissions

Centralize your Announcement Settings for Simplicity

Individually tailor configurations, specifying admin permissions for subordinates, including comment, poll, and announcement creation access on the feed.

Why 2000+ customers trust Zimyo Engage?

Empower your organization with highly customizable, easy to implement, and user-friendly employee engagement software

Lower Absenteeism Burnout

Readymade Broadcast System

Zimyo Engage is your readymade broadcast channel to post updates and make company-wide announcements.

Gauge Your Employees Sentiments

User-Friendly Dashboard

An aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and navigate dashboard for managing all your employee engagement activities.

Make Communications Easy

Timely Reminders

Send timely reminders to your workforce to actively participate in surveys or polls, or other HR activities to ensure maximum workforce engagement.

Build A Better Work Culture

Schedule Notifications For Specific Slots

You can define weekly slots, monthly slots, or pre-program notifications for special occasions, thus ensuring that you never forget wishing people on their special days.

Testimonials & Achievements

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