10 Best Mobile Apps for Employee Attendance Tracking

Today’s rapidly transforming era has made the population dependent on mobile applications. Humans are now conditioned to use their smartphones for a variety of needs.

With this evolution, the workforce now expects the same access and ease of use with workplace applications and functions.

The workforce wants a variety of features to simplify their work life. Requesting for leaves in seconds and getting approvals in minutes. Marking attendance through their phones as soon as they enter the work compound instead of waiting to reach the office to mark with biometrics, etc.

The workforce now demands transparency around changes in organizational benefits, including leaves, marking time and attendance, payroll procedures, etc. The modern workforce demands access to every piece of information at their fingertips whenever they want from HR.

Today, time-tracking apps have replaced all these old-school methods of timekeeping and are highly adopted by organizations for employee attendance management. Apart from attendance management software, organizations are in love with highly versatile mobile apps for employee attendance tracking.

Why mobile apps for employee attendance tracking?

If you doubt the usability of mobile for employee attendance then below are some of the reasons to switch to a mobile app for attendance tracking;

✧ Lack of dependency on desktops

Industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, or maintenance employ blue-collar workers. These workers aren’t provided with a desktop or computer, which makes attendance tracking a challenging task. 

However, you can get rid of this problem simply by opting for a mobile time-tracking app as your employees don’t need to have a laptop or computer for marking their attendance. They can simply do it with their mobile phones.

✧ Paperless attendance marking & tracking

Are you tired of maintaining record-keeping books to keep track of employee time and attendance data? If yes, then it’s time for you to switch to mobile apps for employee attendance tracking. Mobile attendance apps capture and log in data and keep employee attendance records updated in real time. 

The use of attendance tracking apps for employees can help you save not only time and manual labor but it will also help you save the planet. Less paperwork means less environmental harm. 


The future of HR is here!

Zimyo goes paperless all the way from onboarding to attendance till offborading!

Boost employee experience

According to the Manpower Group, the 2020 workforce consisted of 35% millennials and 24% Gen Z, signaling a major shift in the workforce. We all know that younger people have different ideas, concepts, and different needs. Therefore, there is a need to adopt modern technology to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

These employees would prefer a time tracking app in their pockets over a desktop app. Moreover, these apps prevent any intervention from the management and give full freedom to employees to manage their time and work. Thus ensuring complete autonomy and modern people prefer autonomy and professional privacy over other things. 

Reliable Accuracy

The employee just needs to tap the clock-in button on their mobile phones and you’ll get accurate and granular attendance data. Many time and attendance management software come with a selfie-attendance feature that eliminates time fraud, buddy punching, and other related problems. 

Additionally, time tracking software allows your employees to punch in early and late and send automated notifications to the HR leaders for accurate timekeeping. 

Access attendance data from anywhere

One thing that makes the mobile attendance app so great is that it offers you the ability to access and share attendance data from anywhere at any time. If your employees work in shifts and your HR leaders aren’t available at any particular time in the office, then the mobile attendance app can be a real savior. These apps make it easy for them to see if an employee has shown up or not even when they are not in the office. 


So these were some of the major benefits of using a mobile app for attendance tracking. Let’s have a look at some of the best mobile apps for employee attendance tracking. 

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Employee Attendance Tracking:

Zimyo’s mobile app for time and attendance management is a great tool that helps businesses capture attendance, track time, and monitor business commutes. It ensures touchless, real-time tracking of employee time and attendance. 

Get accurate and real-time data on an employee’s presence or absence. Track the clock-ins and clock-outs, monitor the shifts, predefined holidays at the view, request, approve and track leaves, and track trips of the employees on duty and working on the fields.

mobile app for time tracking
Zimyo Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Top features of Zimyo Time and Attendance Software

• Generate automated reports such as client, product, project, activity reports, etc. 

• Track the cost and profit of the projects

• Monitor time spent on a particular task

2. Geofencing

• Specify locations for employee clock-ins and clock-outs. 

• Assign multiple fences depending on locations.

• Allocate employee-wise single or multiple fences.

• Permit employees to mark attendance only inside the geofenced area.

3. Punching

• Easy online punching from home or any other location that is specified in the software.

• Provide punch validation via selfie or location tag for an employee working remotely.


• Access to punch from mobile or web app.


• Selfie and location verification through attendance report generation.

Add Ons:

1. Biometric Integration

Customize the software according to your needs. If you want biometric clock-in and clock-outs instead of one-touch, we can implement that too.

2. Team calendar views

HR managers or team leads and other members can view the calendar of the entire team. 

3. Track leave balance

Tracking leaves becomes easy when the employees’ attendance gets integrated with their calendars. 

The employees can apply for regularization requests and employees can regularize attendance in bulk.

This feature allows employees to easily raise leave requests or paid time offs using their mobile devices without any hassles.

6. Business Commute Monitoring

When any employee of the company is out on the field for company purposes, their time and trip can be logged here.

7. Shift Management

Customize shift policy as per timezone and configure fixed and flexible shifts. 

The app is integrated with the payroll software, making it easy to process payroll timely and accurately. 

9. Bilingual Mobile App

Zimyo, a make in India project has a mobile app for employee attendance tracking in both English and Hindi Language.

Best For:

Businesses of all sizes – Startups, Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises

Free Trial: 15 Days

The basic plan starts from $3 per month 

Users Ratings: 5

Track your workforce from the pocket!

Zimyo Attendance Tracking Software for greater clarity, confidence, and capability!

2) Timely

Timely is a time tracking tool that helps you get a precise daily record of time spent in documents, meetings, emails, etc. This software allows you to spot missing hours and send automated notifications to whoever needs to log their hours. 

Features of best mobile app for attendance

Overtime documentation

Timesheet Management

Payroll Management


Desktop and mobile access

Performance reviews

Third-party integrations

Calendar Management 

Self-service portal 

Task Management 

Best For:

Businesses of all sizes


Free Trial- 14 days 

Starts from $10.00/month


User Rating: 4.7

3) Hubstaff


Hubstaff is one of the best mobile apps for employee attendance tracking. It is a feature-packed app that offers easy and accurate time tracking solutions to its customers. If you need an app for time tracking, workforce, and project management, then it might be the right choice for you. 

Features of top mobile app for attendance tracking

Time Tracking

Online Timesheets


Payroll Management

Productivity Measurement

GPS Tracking

Employee Monitoring

Online Invoicing

Employee Scheduling

Project Budgeting

Detailed Reporting

Easy mobile and desktop access


Best For:

Freelancers, Startups, SMEs, Enterprises


Free trial- 14 days

Starts at Rs 50 per user per month

Users Rating: 4.3

4) DeskTime

DeskTime is a time tracking software that focuses on accountability, transparency, and fairness. It is a tool that helps organizations stay organized and in control, save time and manual work, and boost productivity. 


Features of best mobile app for attendance

Automatic Time Tracking

Document Title Tracking

Promodoro Timer

Cost Calculator

Absence Calendar

Project Tracking

Web Timer

Shift Scheduling

Private Time Options

Third-Party Integrations

URL and App tracking


Offline Time Tracking

Custom Reports

Auto Screenshots

Team’s Contacts


Best For:

Business Owners, Freelancers, Company Managers


Free Trial- 14 days 

Their pro package starts at $7 per month per user

User Rating: 4.6

5) FactoTime

FactoTime is a wonderful time tracking mobile app that empowers HR leaders to address the evolving time tracking needs with cloud automation. It runs on both Android and iOS trends. Whether you want to track employee working hours, attendance, or shifts, you can completely rely on factoTime. 

Features of top mobile app for attendance tracking

Employee punch-in with selfie and location tracking or a QR code

GPS-Based Attendance Capturing System

Shift Scheduling

Working Calendar 

Holiday Calendar

Route History Tracking

Importable Reporting


Best For:

Businesses of all sizes


The premium package starts at $6.99/month for 5 users

Users Rating: 4.1

6) Avaza


Avaza is one of the best mobile apps for employee time tracking to track time, manage expenses, projects, invoice customers, schedule resources, etc. This app allows you to configure everything and can be customized as per your needs. 

Features of best mobile app for attendance

Time Tracking

Data Imports/Exports

File Sharing

Task Management

Accounting Integration

Gantt Charts

Percent-Complete Tracking

Project Planning

Resource Management

Status Tracking

Project Budgeting


Project Template

Best For:

Startups, Small and Medium enterprises


The paid plan starts at $5-$19/month per user.

User Rating: 4.2

7) Harvest

It is an intuitive time tracking software that helps monitor attendance, and keep track of time and absences. Therefore, we can say that Harvest is a great employee attendance tracking app that gives you immediate and actionable insight.

Features of top mobile app for attendance tracking

Expense Tracking

Project Management

Shift Management

Time & Attendance Management

Leave Management

Absence Management

Time Tracking

Overtime Management


Timesheet Management

Best For:

Businesses of all sizes


Free Trial- 30 days

Paid plans start at $12/seat per month.

User Rating: 4.3

8) actiTIME

It is one of the most robust mobile apps for employee attendance tracking. actiTime allows you to track time, projects, and tasks. This employee attendance app identifies bottlenecks and activities that eat up a lot of time and adjust your project management strategy. 

Features of best mobile app for attendance

Expense Tracking

Time & Attendance Management

Project Management

Task Management

Invoice Management

Self Service Portal

Timesheet Management

Overtime Tracking


Calendar Management

Customizable Reporting


Mobile Access

Offline Time Tracking

Best For:

Freelancers, Start Ups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.


Free Trial- 30 days

The paid package starts from  $6/per user per month. 

User Rating: 3.8

9) ClockIt

Forget all about the hassles related to employee attendance tracking. ClockIt makes it easy to overview employee attendance in real-time mode. It offers great optional features like custom reporting, leave accruals, notifications, web clocks, kiosks, Slack integration, etc.

Features of top mobile app for attendance tracking

Payroll Management

Time Tracking

Self Service Portal

Employee Scheduling

Calendar Management

Overtime Calculation


Shift Swapping

Schedule Distribution

Time Clock


Online Punch Card

Punch card

Biometric Recognition

Best For:

Startups and SMEs


Free Trial- 14 days

The basic plan starts at $29 per month upto 10 users

User Ratings: N/A

10) Calamari

Calamari is a fully featured mobile app for employee attendance tracking. You must opt for this attendance tracking tool for effortless time tracking and level up your work processes. 

Features of best mobile app for attendance

• Attendance management

• Shift Management

• Time Tracking

• Employee Scheduling

• Timesheet Management

• FMLA Tracking

• Workflow Management

• Calendar Management

• Reporting

• Employee Database

Best For:

Start Ups and SMEs


Free Trial- 14 days

The basic plan starts at $2 / month

Users Rating: 3.1

Wrapping Up

Bid adieu to the clunky timesheets, manual work, and errors while managing employee time and attendance. You can just opt for mobile apps for employee attendance tracking and make your teams more disciplined and productive. 

Remember these are modern times and conventional methods of workforce management are not going to work for you anymore. So it’s time you start redefining your HR processes and opting for tools that support the needs of a diverse workforce. 

Be your own HR!

Zimyo Employee Self Service Software empowers the workforce to manage their own tasks.
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