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Requisition Management Software

Streamline Your Requisition Management Process

Eliminate manual paperwork from your candidate requisition process. Accelerate your hiring by streamlining your candidate requisitions in one click

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Configure Requisition Request 

Fill Vacant Positions 2X Quicker than Before

Eliminate delays and errors in manually processing requisition. Implement paperless requisition to raise requisition requests, set approval cycles, and fill jobs quickly in a few simple clicks.

Configure Requisition Request in Requisition Management Software
Requisition Workflow in Requisition Management Software

Requisition Workflow

Cut Down the Approval Processing Time by 70%

Avoid delays and build transparency in the hiring process by setting predefined requisition workflow. Set approval level to assign the person responsible for approving and denying the requisition request.

Presentation of Requisition Status

Visualize Requisition Status to take Quick Decisions

Monitor the status of your requisition request by analyzing the hiring journey of the candidate at every step. Visualize the requisition status in the form of charts and graphs. 

Presentation of Requisition Status in Requisition Management Software
Job Widget in Requisition Management Software

Job Widget

Boost Chances of Applicants Finding You by 60%

Let candidates apply for various job openings directly on the website with recruitment management software. Get a customized career page on the website to receive multiple applicant pool.

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HR professionals use Requisition management software to automate and streamline the process of creating, managing, and tracking job requisitions within an organization.

The benefits of requisition management software include faster and more efficient job posting and hiring processes, increased accuracy and consistency in job descriptions and candidate evaluations, improved collaboration and communication among hiring teams, and the ability to track key metrics and analytics related to recruitment.

Requisition management system functions by giving HR professionals a central location to create and manage job requests. The program often comes with capabilities for writing job descriptions, advertising vacant positions on job boards and social media, keeping track of applicant data and status, and working with hiring managers and other team members.

Requisition management software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with easy-to-navigate interfaces and customizable workflows.

Requisition management software systems are designed to integrate with other HR systems, such as applicant tracking systems, HR management systems, and payroll systems. This helps streamline the recruitment and hiring process and provides a more seamless experience for HR professionals and job candidates.