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Employee Offboarding Software

Robust employee offboarding software Tie all loose ends and build a lasting connect
with the departing employees

Trusted by 2000+ customers

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Employee Offboarding Software to Manage Employee Departing Process Smoothly

Dashboard overview

Create Offboarding checklist

A check box exercise to leave a lasting impression on your departing employee

An element of HR strategy that depicts the process of onboarding. Safeguard against any organizational risk by restricting access of the departing employee to any data and info of the company.

Adopt Paperless Offboarding

Eliminate sorting through multiple files and get a bird’s eye view of all departures at one place

Manage the entire offboarding at a unified location with Zimyo employee offboarding software. Departing employees can apply for resignation and employers can approve/reject from the same place.

paperless offboarding
exit interview

Exit Interviews in Offboarding Software

Assess the departing employees’ experience

Offboarding software to improve retention and the overall employee experience for other employees by getting genuine insights from departing employees.

Bulk Separate

Segregate all the departed employees from the database at once

Offboarding software to filter your database by separating all the departing/departed employees from the company’s employee database at once either automatically or manually.

Configure Full and Final Settlement (FnF)

Tie all the loose ends and clear all the dues

Credit the departing employee by paying all his dues. From salaries and deductions to bonuses and arrears, manage everything with the HR software. 

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Zimyo Employee Offboarding Software That Takes Compliance Seriously

A long journey should have a good ending. To make it smooth choose the best offboarding software.


A programme that automates and streamlines the offboarding of employees is called employee offboarding software. Employers can manage the numerous offboarding duties, such as revoke access to systems and applications, gather business property, and conduct exit interviews, with its assistance.

Using employee offboarding software can save time and improve efficiency for employers. It can help ensure that all necessary steps are completed and that nothing is overlooked during the offboarding process. It can also provide a better experience for departing employees, who will appreciate a smooth and organized process.

Employee offboarding software can integrate with other HR systems, such as HRIS, payroll, and benefits administration software. This integration allows for a more seamless offboarding process, as information can be automatically synced across systems, and tasks can be triggered based on certain events, such as an employee’s termination date.

Yes, employee offboarding software can be beneficial for small businesses as well as larger organizations. While small businesses may have fewer employees to offboard, the process can still be time-consuming and complex. Using offboarding software can help ensure that all necessary tasks are completed and that nothing is overlooked.