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Asset Management Software

Streamline Your Company's Asset Management Process

Trusted by 2,000+ customers

Asset Repository

Maintain Asset Repository in Asset Management Software

Manage all assets at a unified place

Store and track all assets information at a single place. Create seperate asset respositories for each function or department to assign assets to employees without any hassle. 

Create Asset Category and Type

Create a well-structured view of your assets

Maintain assets according to a pre-defined category and type. Create specific categories for assets and store the relevant assets in the pre-assigned categories and types.

Asset Request

Raise Asset Requests in Asset Management Software

Enhance employee experience by providing corporate assets on time

Request for asset requisition at a single click from HR software. Encourage employee satisfaction and the efficiency of admin by timely renewal of assets. 

Configure Asset Management Workflows

Leverage Workflows to automate the Asset Management Process

Simplify your asset tracking and management process by creating predefined workflows for asset allocation. Give authority to management for approving or rejecting asset requests.


Generate Asset Reports in Asset Management Software

Get detailed overview of assets

Generate customized reports to view the assets assigned to the workforce. Additionally, leverage the reports to monitor the assets being used and lent to employees. 

Driving Impactful Business Growth with a Powerful Suite of Products

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Automate HR operations on the go

Eliminate paperwork, simplify employee management, track employee data, and streamline all HR tasks.

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Elevate employee experience

Allow employees to manage personal information, access company policies and do much more.

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Timesheet Dashboard
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Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

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Build a culture of communication and engage employees through one-on-one chat, group chat, surveys, polls, and more.

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Drive a culture of high performance

Track employee progress, provide real-time feedbacks, and build growth-oriented teams.

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Hire 5x faster

Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

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Run payroll in just 5 clicks

Process error-free payroll and disburse employees’ pay on time, anywhere, any device.

Gross Pay Distribution
Product Dashboard Zimyo
Real-time analytics
Consolidate key metrics and KPIs in a visually intuitive manner while streamlining and data representation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset management software is an online tool designed to help HR professionals and organizations track, manage, and maintain a company’s assets throughout the employee lifecycle. It helps organizations improve visibility in asset utilization, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions about asset investment.

Asset management software offers numerous benefits to organizations. It lets you track assets more effectively, minimize manual errors, and reduce downtime. Furthermore, it provides visibility to asset allocation, reducing the risk of asset theft or loss, ensuring compliance with regulatory compliances, and facilitating the decision-making process.

Zimyo’s asset management solution is highly customizable and can manage various assets. The admin can streamline asset management by creating asset categories and types according to their organization’s requirements. Additionally, the admin can also access the asset reports to gain visibility over asset allocation.

Yes, our asset management software offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. You can generate asset reports based on category, status, location, months, etc. Furthermore, these reports can assist in making data-driven decisions, optimizing asset allocation, forecasting future needs, and ensuring compliance.

Asset management software benefits businesses of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It can be valuable for smaller organizations as it helps optimize asset utilization, minimize losses due to theft or misplacement, and avoid unnecessary asset purchases.

The asset management software enhances asset tracking by allowing users to generate asset reports and categorize assets based on category and type. Furthermore, the admin can access the reports to see the assets allocated to every employee.