10 Advantages of using an Attendance Management System

Employees are the pillar of strength of any organization. Building a successful business is just like building a brand-new house. Therefore, you need to keep the foundation (employees) strong so that the structure (organization) can stand tall in any adversity.

Making sure that your employees are doing their tasks at the right time can make all the difference. The very first thing on the checklist for maximum productivity is keeping track of your employee’s time and attendance. Moreover, there is no doubt that this could be a tedious task but only if you perform it manually. According to a survey conducted by IJIES

The “Online Attendance Management App” gives reduced paperwork and saves time to generate accurate results from employees’ attendance. It provides security by using individual login IDs and passwords.

International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science

A modern-day technology for employee attendance is an efficient way to keep track of your employees attendance and centralize your attendance system. Hence, it is time to invest in attendance and monitoring software now more than ever. Let’s look at how modern-day technology for employee attendance can benefit your organization.

What is an Attendance and Monitoring System?

An attendance and monitoring system refers to the task of monitoring your employee’s time and attendance. How?

By keeping track of their working hours, leave requests, punch-in and punch-out times. Organizations have numerous methods of monitoring such activities. Some common tools are punch cards, biometric devices, manually with the help of a pen and register, WhatsApp, etc.

Maintaining proper attendance is a key factor to ensure the organization runs efficiently. Thus, you should equip yourselves with the proper monitoring systems. This way, employees can carry out the task of marking their attendance with ease. Manual methods like maintaining an excel sheet can result in data inaccuracy. However, without modern-day technology for employee attendance, it can become difficult to manage the workforce efficiently.

Benefits of Attendance Monitoring Tools

Here are the top 10 advantages of attendance and monitoring tools:

✦ No Fuss In Workflow Management

One of the biggest advantages of an automated attendance system is the ease of workflow management. With the proper workflow set in place, the employer can have clear visibility of attendance regularization requests, leave requests, overtime requests, etc. with almost no communication at all.

Time-consuming activities like assigning tasks manually, tracking shift changes, etc. can be monitored and assigned with the help of a few clicks. Furthermore, an attendance and monitoring system can also provide a workflow for allocating assets and other productive resources. 

✦ Paperless Work Environment 

With the help of an attendance and monitoring system, you will be able to cut down your paper trail. A paperless work environment is a very crucial aspect of corporate responsibility.

Therefore, all your Core HR activities will be automated and taken care of through hosting servers. A cloud-based attendance system will also help you in cutting down the overall cost of resources. 

✦ Real-Time Tracking 

Real-time time tracking refers to the method of tracing the current location of your employees through GPS and GEO tagging. Therefore, with the help of modern-day technology for employee attendance, you can track your employees’ location in real-time and have thorough records of their client meetings, etc.

Apart from GPS tracking, you can also opt for GEO fencing which will automatically capture the employee’s attendance as soon as they are within office premises. 

✦ Reliable Data 

A central attendance system will always provide you with accurate data. Therefore, with the help of an attendance and monitoring system, you can eliminate the cost and inevitability of human errors and focus on efficiency and productivity.

A central attendance system keeps track of the data in real time thus reducing the risk of time theft. Moreover, it will also help in making sure that no employee takes advantage of corporate policies by logging in for incorrect hours. 

✦ Enhancing Productivity 

The very first factor hampering profits for any organization is low productivity. Therefore, a successful business relies on maximum productivity and minimum error. With an cloud based hr software, you can cut down on manual tasks like updating the working hours of employees and cherish a simple yet effective method of processing your payroll.

With an average of 5 hours per day of manual system entry, you are losing more than gaining. So, implementing an automated attendance system can cut down those hours to 20 minutes leaving you with more than 4 hours to concentrate on other responsibilities. 

✦ Maintain Company Culture

A lot of organizations might not know this but building a strong culture is one of the rarest advantages of an automated attendance system. Employees appreciate having access to their data without a third party getting involved. So, Employee engagement and self-service features like surveys, polls, salary slips, etc. can make all the difference.

An automated system will provide your employees with all the necessary information like leave balance which will help them in planning their schedules. Furthermore, this strong company culture will boost your employee’s morale and in return, you will be rewarded with a happy and productive workplace. 

✦ Personalized and Flexible 

In current times an employer is doing everything to learn and adapt to the current surroundings. With hybrid workplaces on the rise, you don’t want your employees to feel alienated from the workplace. Therefore, you need an attendance management system that can cater to the flexibility of your workplace.

An automated attendance system will capture your employees’ attendance using mobile apps, desktop applications, biometric devices, facial recognition devices, etc. A modern day technology for employee attendance will take care of both office employees as well as employees working from home. 

✦ Cost Effective

Seems kind of bizarre, how can an attendance management system control costs? It is important to understand that an organization is always vulnerable to cost when it comes to manual tasks.

Problems like absenteeism, delay in overtime payment, buddy punching, etc. can be eliminated by removing the manual strategy. Modern day technology for employee attendance will make it impossible for any employee to tamper with the saved data resulting in an honest and cost-effective workplace. Moreover, it will also help in eliminating any payroll errors which is a huge cost saver. 

✦ Easy Access To Reports 

Data is king. Therefore, you need to have accurate data to analyze your company’s growth, in the same way, you need accurate data to monitor your employees. With the help of an automated system, you can generate all sorts of reports related to taxes, attendance, overtime, etc. All reports of your organization’s HR activities will be automatically generated and you can access them with just a few clicks. 

✦ Easy Integration

You can easily integrate a central attendance system with electronic hardware that you might have at your workplace like a biometric machine, face recognition machine, etc. An automated attendance system will capture the punch in and punch out time from your biometric system. This will eliminate the task of manual entry of attendance and in turn, help you save tons of man hours.

You will also get the flexibility to customize your attendance and leave policies according to your organization. Therefore, you can bend the system according to your requirements, not the other way around. 



Keeping in mind the monumental advantages of a modern day technology for employee attendance you can now evaluate an attendance management system from multiple vendors in the Cloud HR services market. With the help of an attendance management system, you can overcome your challenges of time theft, absenteeism, inaccurate clock outs and focus on making your organization’s vision and mission a reality.

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