10 Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK in 2022

In 2020-2021, while the whole world is still fighting with COVID-19, parallel to it, there appears to be another struggle going on in the job market. While a section of the working population is currently under work from home, large-scale layoffs and unemployment have also taken a toll on the economy. This period has become extremely important for recruitment agencies to step up their game. As the UK economy recovers, companies and recruitment agencies are expected to conduct wide-scale recruitment.

What are the most in-demand jobs in the UK in 2022 that recruiters should watch out for?

When it comes to the top jobs in demand, professional social networking and job sites can show a trend, especially LinkedIn. A new Survey done by LinkedIn in 2020 reveals that 32% of the working population are expecting a hike in their salary. These jobs can be listed as Mobile App Developer, Data Analyst, Nurses, Mental Health Care Specialists, Business development and sales professionals, Digital Content Creators, Network Administrators, etc. 

If you go by searching on google, to whom and where to recruit, it shows the demand list followed as Security Professional, Product Manager, Cloud Architect, Programmer Analyst, Blockchain Engineer, System Analyst, Mobile App Developer, Network Administrator and so on. All of them require a different set of skills. Read ahead to find out the top in-demand jobs that recruiters should be expecting in 2022.

1. Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is based on creating and using new software to run small businesses or start-ups. Types of app developing systems include native apps, hybrid apps and HTML5 apps. Due to increasing demand for smartphones and tablets or to be specific, handy elements to work with, application development using new software is becoming vastly popular as a medium.

Mobile apps focus on making our lives easier. There is an app for every activity in 2022. From childcare and yoga apps to hi-tech design apps, you can find a new app popping in your Play Store every minute. It is pertinent to note that the existing traditional software development for desktop computers is different from mobile app development where the hardware used to create the latter is relatively minimal. 

The skill required to work as an app developer is a bachelor’s degree in CS or equivalent field with some basic knowledge in app development. It also needs some basic concepts about iOS, the software with which apple works, android-based applications, C, HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc. 

The salary slips of an app developer are also comparatively high due to their ever-increasing demand. Revenues from app development projects hit over and above $600 billion in the year 2020.

2. Data Analyst

The new generation is undoubtedly intrigued by new career choices. There is one such career choice for which market demand has skyrocketed in recent years. Data Analysts use their data-crunching skills to get an idea about consumer trends, market trends, changing demands in every sector of the market, and so on. They help companies churn out large volumes of data and interpret them in an easily presentable manner.

The corporate sector has already been hiring analysts on a large scale over the recent years. However, there is still a shortage of skilled data analysts in the market. 

An experienced data analyst can earn near about £27,380. There are hundreds of recruiters creating new recruitment agencies both online and offline to hire data entry operators in different fields of the economy.

3. Nurses

The post-COVID-19 world has created a huge demand for frontline workers in the medical field. Both government and private sector recruiters are now looking out for experienced and skilled frontline workers to join. 

There are 21 types of trending nursing jobs to watch out for in 2022 such as, serving as a primary care physician, daycare nurses, etc. New policies are also under construction to facilitate the recruitment of nurses and other frontline workers including giving licenses that enable them to work anywhere in the country irrespective of their states.

Skills needed to work as a nurse are Cultural Awareness, Professionalism, Attention to detail, Critical Thinking, Compassion, Time management, and friendly communication skills along with a relevant degree.

In the UK, people working as a nurse get around £33,000.

4. Mental health care

Mental health care is gaining importance in today’s times, and rightly so. Recruitment agencies involved in hiring healthcare services should watch out for skilled mental health care supervisors. The recent lockdown scenario of 2020 has shattered everyone’s mental health. An increasing number especially young adults have been seeking professional mental healthcare services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted servicing critical mental health care issues by approximately 93% but has brought about an increasing demand for student counsellors, psychiatrists, juvenile counsellors, etc.

5. Business Development and Sales Professionals

The responsibilities of a business developer involve working for the existing company and its potential clients with new innovative ideas. They are concerned about generating profitability of a firm by creating new opportunities within as well as outside the company, analysing the risk factor, tackling customers, revenues, sales, etc. As the world is trying to come out of the recession in 2020, corporate giants are expanding all over the world. This calls for an increase in the hiring scene for business development professionals.

Given this, recruiters should watch out for hiring more and more skilled executives for their companies, both established and start-ups. The average salary structure of Business Development Associates is near about £28,290 in most of the leading industries.

6. Digital Content Creators

The Gen Z is hungrier than ever to know everything around the world from the comfort of their home. This calls for the rising demand for content creators. They are responsible for imparting information and educating about anything and everything. To recruit an engaging content creator, recruitment agencies should watch out for the candidate’s hold on soft skills. The candidate must have a stronghold on basic soft skills such as communication skills, the ability to engage and relate with an audience, creativity, design skills, etc. 

Firms from every industry are into hiring content creators to advertise and expand their brand image business nationally and internationally. Digital content creators are becoming a crucial part of the marketing and PR team of global companies and startups. Recruiters can expect content creation to be one of the most in-demand and “coolest” jobs of this decade.

7. Professional and Personal Coaches

Professional and personal coaches deal with career counselling, giving life lessons, dating advice, business advice, well-being, family, image, spiritual advice, etc. To carry on with this career, some of the US, as well as the UK Universities, have included special curriculum activities in their academic courses.

The well-known job site Indeed has published a report showing how this career can have an annual salary of £80,000 on average. The work includes sessions of 30 minutes or more each week to listen and help people with their problems over a period.

8. Network Administrators

Skilled professionals in both hardware and software management equipped with team management capabilities and leadership qualities can be good network and computer-based system administrators.  Systems and management are the main building blocks of any company. Recruiters should watch out for proper technical skills as well as good communication skills to recruit a person as a network administrator.

The basic pay scale of Network Administrators is £60,000.

9. Security Professional

Global companies like Deloitte, Shell, Amazon, Accenture, Capgemini are recently hiring cybersecurity professionals to secure data that is being circulated regularly. According to a study by Xpheno, the needs of these companies’ security purposes include all aspects of network, infrastructure, application, data, and information.

With the relevant degrees in handling the data structure of a company, key skills that recruiters should look for while hiring cybersecurity professionals include technical aptitude skills, knowledge of security across various platforms, fundamental computer forensics skills, understanding of ethical hacking followed by good communication skills. 

The average salary structure of a Security Manager is near £37759.

10. AI Professional

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have become synonymous with technology and innovation. LinkedIn data shows the recent hype over Artificial Intelligence professionals is justified. Hiring growth for this role has grown 74% annually in the past 4 years and encompasses a few different titles within the space that all have a specific set of skills. They deal with demand forecasting, the process of planning forecasts that drive supply chain decisions, and customer demand planning. Giant tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon have been hiring AI professionals in bulk and we can expect their demand to only go up soon.

Recruiters should watch out for the jobs in the above list as data suggests their demand is expected to only go up soon.

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