Job Role | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of Job Role?

The major duty of a work profile or employment position is referred to as a job role. A job role is a part that an employee does in accordance with his or her key responsibility areas. For example, a marketing manager’s work includes generating new leads for the sales teams. In simple words, a job role is a job function or purpose for which an employee is recruited. 

A company has a variety of tasks that must be completed by a certain group of individuals. Based on their employment positions in the organization, specific job responsibilities are established, and duties are allocated.

Clearly, outlining job roles and duties can benefit your company in a variety of ways. The company spends less time ironing out redundancy when duties are clearly defined. Interpersonal conflict is also less likely as a result of it.

It’s just as crucial to have well-defined supervision and monitoring chains. As a result, the group’s human resource management will be less strained. Ultimately, a company’s operational efficiency becomes less of a boost and more of a natural output for everyone.

Having defined a job role for every individual is very important for several reasons. This ensures that employees understand their duties and do what is expected from them. It helps to establish a clear line of communication within the company. It allows employers to assess the employee’s details and plan out important decisions such as promotion plans, growth and development opportunities, training sessions if required. 

How to write a job role?

Before writing a job role, various parameters should be considered:

  • Always list the pointers that you are good at and manager need for the specific role
  • Identify the value of new role
  • Provide a name to the new role
  • Always explain how your new role can fulfill organizational goals
  • Create a job summary
  • List down all the duties and responsibilities of that job role
  • Submit job description to HR
  • Always consider an alternative for new job role
  • Pitch the idea to right person

Why are job roles important in a team?

Defining job roles and titles to every individual can help organizations in various different ways. From boosting efficiency to improvement in hiring process let’s discuss some benefits:

1. Improves hiring process

It is important for every employee to understand their responsibilities as every employee has a unique skill-set. This provides an overall boost to the hiring process. Defining responsibilities provides a boost to transparency. It gives a clear direction to every employee.

2. Save organization's time and money

With clear and well defined responsibilities the organizations spend less of their time and money. It will also help to overcome the challenge of work from home as everyone is aware of their responsibilities. It’s necessary to provide the job role to every candidate before hiring to overcome the misconceptions.

3. Build the value of cooperation among employees

Defining responsibilities and tasks of every employee helps to build cooperation among employees. Individuals have far more respect for their colleagues when everyone’s role is clearly defined. They are willing to cooperate with each other.

4. Improved communication

When duties of every individual are specifically defined the communication process will be improved. This helps to boost the overall productivity of an organization.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A job role of an employee defines the task performed by employee in the organization.

Here’s the list of key pointers which has to be included while writing job role:

  • Job Title
  • Company mission
  • Role summary
  • Job responsibilities
  • Must have skills
  • Compensation
  • Time 

A position and a role are similar, they are both a job. However, role is usually reserved for salaried or highly skilled workers, while position is more for skilled, hourly workers.

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