Human Resources | Meaning and Definition

What is Human Resources?

The group of people of an institution or company who actually run a very specific side or part of a business is known as the Human Resources or HR team. These people mainly manage the hiring, recruitment, onboarding, etc. HR helps the companies to interact with the employees and applicants. Also, it is the responsibility of Human Resources to handle the job training side of the company or institution for newly joined applicants or employees.

Famous American economist John R. Commons first used the term Human Resources in his 1893 book named, The Distribution of Wealth. But back then, HR teams were not even used in professional institutions or business places. A majority of people did not even know about the term Human Resources. 

During the decade 1980 ‘Human Resource’, this term gained fame, and people started to do research about Human Resources, people started learning about Human Resources. Thus HR was started getting implemented in the different work fields, and from the basic philosophy of Human Resources, many other terms like Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Human Resource Analytics, etc. came into existence, and in today’s modern work field, business places, all these systems like HRIS, HRMS, HR Analytics are highly used. More specifically, these HR terms have become a necessary and undetachable part of the industry.

In the beginning, HRM (Human Resource Management) was used as the main part of HR to manage employee and environmental issues in workplaces. Later on, technical terms and systems were used as part of HR, and in today’s world, cloud service-based software are used as the main part or medium of HR. 

Advantages of Human Resources

The usage of Human Resources helps the employer to easily manage the employee and work environment-related issues. Also, proper use of HR builds a really innovative and creative work culture in most workplaces.

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