Promotion | Meaning and Definition

What is Promotion? 

Promotion refers to progressive growth in one’s current job that leads to increased responsibility, advancement opportunities, and higher compensation. The term is used in a variety of settings, the most common of which is a work promotion.

Promotion Benefits

 The promotion has the following advantages:

  • Acknowledge an employee’s efforts and devotion, and encourage him or her to improve.
  • Encourage employees to compete for higher-level jobs by encouraging them to learn new things.
  • Maintain talented and skilled staff.
  • Eliminate dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  • To fill a job vacancy that arises as a result of an employee’s retirement, resignation, or death. The next experienced worker would be upgraded to the vacant post in this situation.
  • Engage employees’ knowledge and abilities more effectively.
  • Attract qualified and experienced individuals.
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