Job Posting | Meaning and Definition

What is Job Posting?

It is a formal announcement of an available position for which the organization is actively recruiting new employees.

Internal job advertisements can be placed on business bulletin boards or announcement forums. This permits current workers to travel throughout the organization and compete for the job before it is advertised to the general public. Internal job ads are what the phrase typically refers to. Websites, online job boards, and staffing agency availability listings all include publicly publicized job posts. Standard job postings are produced by the human resources department and include information such as qualifications, hours, and compensation. They might also discuss the working atmosphere or how the new worker will fit into the existing company setting.

Details included in job posting structure

Following are the details which has to be included:

  • Title of the job
  • Location of the job
  • Duties and responsibilities to be performed
  • Requirements of that specific job
  • Benefits of the job
  • Instructions and guidelines while applying

Medium of publishing jobs

Here are some of the mediums on which jobs are published:

  • Career site
  • Social Media
  • Job Boards
  • Paid Ads
  • Local Newspapers

Tips to write a good job posting

Here are certain tips to write a good job post:

  • Clear Title of the job: The title of the job should be clear from the user end. It should contain relevant keywords to make the intent clear.
  • Job Description: A job description should clearly state the roles and responsibilities an individual is required to perform in their job
  • Salary Range: A good job description must define the salary range of the desired job position to make the applier’s intent clear whether they should apply or not.
  • Contact details: The person to contact details must be clearly mentioned. Contact information includes mobile number, mail-id or linkedin id of an HR or desired person.
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