Job Evaluation | Meaning and Definition

What is Job Evaluation?

Job evaluation meaning is the process of determining how much remuneration to give to a job. This process entails analyzing internal and external data to establish the compensation range for a certain position, as well as what similar occupations should pay and what perks are acceptable for a given job.

Single-position assessments for newly established positions, revaluations of occupations to make pay more competitive or equal, and company-wide job evaluations to reorganize the whole compensation program are all examples of common job evaluations. 

Benefits Of Job Evaluation

  • When your business expands, a lot of things happen. Your budget will alter, you will need to fill new roles, and you may require additional funds to fund new employment. A job assessment might assist you in preparing for these changes.
  • External data-driven job assessments can assist you in determining how competitive your pay plans are in comparison to your market competitors.
  • Accepting a promotion is one of the most common reasons for individuals to leave their jobs. Job assessments can help you avoid this by identifying possibilities for staff to grow.
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