Job Requisition | Meaning and Definition

What is Job Requisition?

A job requisition meaning type of formal document used by department managers to seek new staff hires. It is filled out by department managers who have a need for extra staff or to replace an existing one. 

The importance of a job requisition is that it expresses the department managers’ demand for additional staff. It acts as a request for a new hire, as well as an explanation of the necessity and a budget estimate for the new employment. 

As a result, it is an essential aspect of the recruiting process, particularly in firms with established HR protocols.

A department manager who needs to employ more personnel at such a company fills out a job requisition and submits it to the HR department. The HR team assesses the needs and resources required to make a new hire, and once decision-makers have given their permission, it sends the approved job requisition to recruiters who will create a job ad. There is a distinction to be made between job demand and a job description. It is an internal document prepared in a professional tone that outlines and explains why an employee for a certain job role is required. 

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