Hillson Shoes Experienced 5X Growth by Digitalizing HR Process

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reduction in payroll costs
eliminate manual HR Task
faster reimbursement

About Hillson Shoes

HILLSON Shoes is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Safety Shoes and Gumboots. The organization offers a wide range of work safety shoes to protect industrial workers from airborne matter, chemical, electrical, and biohazards. For an organization with such a reputation and credibility, it is imperative to carry out even the smallest of tasks with great efficiency. However, the organization was facing a series of HR challenges that were hampering their growth. Read more to discover how Zimyo helped Hillson Shoes overcome the challenges.

“Since day one, Zimyo has provided us with the best experience. After implementing Zimyo’s payroll software, we have seen a huge reduction in payroll cost by 80%. Now, our payroll processing has become smooth and efficient. It’s the best HRMS and Payroll software that can simplify even complex HR problems. I would recommend it to all the industries out there”.

- Twinkle, HR Manager, Hillson Shoes

The Impact of Our Solution

Generate Payslips in 5 simple clicks
Eliminate 88% of manual HR tasks
Reimburse expenses 2X faster than before
80% reduction in payroll costs
Streamlined Attendance management for 1,000+ employees


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