How Hillson Shoes manages its complex payroll processes with Zimyo Payroll Software?


Hillson faced several issues with its previous HRMS, including repeated payroll errors, challenges in maintaining personnel records, keeping track of employee timesheets, compliance management, manual reporting and time tracking, and expense management. This led the organization to look for a tool that could help manage its critical HR functions without much effort.


That’s when Hillson found Zimyo. With Zimyo’s HRMS and payroll software, Hillson was able to automate payroll and HRMS activities, which helped restrict the usage of more resources that could be aligned for other core business activities. Zimyo’s software enabled easy integration of timesheets, human resources, compliance reporting, accounting, and insurance services, leaving no space for human errors.

Core HR


  • Zimyo’s software assisted in compliance management processes and provided accurate payroll.
  • The expense management module helped Hillson process claims, identify cost-saving opportunities, and control spending.
  • This resulted in a 88% elimination of manual data entry and a 80% reduction in payroll costs



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