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How Zimyo helped Go4Fresh Automate the HR Processes & Reduce Paperwork by 90%?

Case Study - go4fresh - Ecomm & Retails
reduction in payroll costs
eliminate manual HR Task
faster reimbursement

The Backstory

When you are involved in an initiative that involves working directly for the small farmers, local communities, and nature, it becomes important to be efficient in everything you do. Just like any other organization, workforce management has been a major issue for Go4Fresh. With a growing team, it became a tedious task for the HR team at Go4Fresh to keep track of employee data, process payroll, and manage other HR activities. Once they realized that the existing HRMS tool is not meeting their requirements, they decided to look for new software.

Luckily, they came across Zimyo which not only helped them collect and store the employee data in a single, secure centralized place, but it also offered additional benefits including attendance and leave tracking solutions, and that too with an easy-to understand UI, thus offering a seamless experience to the team


Some of the major challenges faced by the go4fresh includes:

Manual payroll processing : Before using Zimyo, payroll processing was a time consuming process which was prone to errors.

Failure to track employee’s leave & attendance : The company was manually tracking the clock-in & clock-out timings of the employees which was affecting the overall payroll process as there were multiple discrepancies in employees leaves & attendance.

Scattered data : Piles of paperwork and scattered data made it difficult to keep important business data safe.

Poor expense management : Manual errors and receiving reimbursement requests that weren’t completely supported by company policy made it difficult to reimburse the employees.

Zimyo’s Approach to these Challenges

The implementation process: The HR team at Go4fresh was very much impressed by the implementation process as It was quick & easy. It only took 7-DAYS to implement all the HR solutions that were required by the team. Zimyo made sure that the team received maximum benefits from the software. From implementation to integration, every process was handled smoothly by team Zimyo.

Zimyo is up to date with all the requirements needed to efficiently manage all the HR activities. The software offers a solution to various problems that are being faced by HR leaders in this ever-changing business environment. However, if in any case, I ever felt anything was missing, the Zimyo team immediately took that up and ensured all my queries get resolved in a timely manner.

Anusha Mudholkar, ( HR Manager ) , go4fresh

Solutions that Zimyo Offered:

Intuitive Dashboard : Intuitive, informative, and user-friendly dashboard making it easier to understand and analyze the day-to-day HR activities.

Automated Payroll Management System : Enables the HR team at Go4Fresh to mitigate payroll errors and process the entire payroll with 3 easy clicks.

Expense Management System : The system is able to simplify the expense reporting process. It also empowers the finance team with accurate data analytics and helps reimburse employees faster.

Attendance Management Solution : The attendance management system helps the team to get rid of manual errors, buddy punching, & fraudulent timekeeping.

Leave Management Solutions : With the leave management system, employees can easily apply for leaves, request regularization, & can keep track of their leaves. HR teams can also keep track of employee leaves, status, and leave balance.

Proper data management : The HR team at Go4Fresh said goodbye to excel spreadsheets to maintain basic employee information. Now, they have the flexibility to keep all employee data close at hand in a secure centralized place.


Lastly, all the HR solutions offered by Zimyo are with a user-friendly UI, making it easier for everyone to get hands-on with. The HR team at Go4Fresh also appreciates the excellent support and assistance offered by Zimyo for any help required. These are the solutions that Zimyo offered to g4fresh :-

Increase in employee satisfaction, as they can now easily update their information without any intervention from the senior management.
Less paperwork burden, making the HR team more efficient.
One-stop solution for managing all HR and financial administration.
Run the entire payroll with 3 easy steps and generate payslips.
Our comprehensive and intuitive dashboard makes it easy for HR leaders to easily track employee attendance in no time.
A powerful trip tracking system makes it easy to monitor and track field employees.


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