Zimyo helped Chintan to streamline HR operations, and enhanced their payroll process efficiency.

Case Study - Chintan - NGO
reduction in payroll costs
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About Chintan

Chintan was founded in 1999 by Bharti Chaturvedi to address the issues of sustainable consumption, environmental and social justice. They approach the community and the case of waste picking in a non-judgmental manner – they do not denigrate the waste picker because of the nature of their work. Chintan runs education programs to phase out child labor from waste picking and mainstream children, particularly girls, into schools and help them stay in school. The program has benefited over 5,000 children across Delhi in formal schools.

Chintan reduces waste and consumption, manages solid and electronic waste, and advocates materials, waste, and consumption. It uses waste as a tool to fight poverty, child labor, gender-based violence and exclusion, and climate change while creating green livelihoods.

The client/ customer front team and backend IT team are very active and communicative about the new features, support in case of any error of issue that arises and resolve the same as quickly as possible.

Apoorvi Chaturvedi, HR Admin


The NGO team finally understood that the only way they could manage their recruitment and payroll process was by adopting some HR software. They decided to grow their NGO by focusing on developing their employees and aligning individual as well as team goals to NGO’s goals.

The NGO was looking for an ATS with credibility, track record, and ability to solve all these challenges. After finalizing their decision, the NGO’s founder turned to Zimyo for their recruitment management and payroll solution.



Team Zimyo provided direct insight and visibility into the implementation process and there were no empty promises. All the modules were easily integrated into the software.


  • Automation of work : Earlier, the NGO performed its tasks manually. But now, after identifying the need for HR software and a better way to perform tasks more efficiently, the NGO is now experiencing proper automation of work.
  • Smoother recruitment process : The major issue of ngo was set in one’s hand by our recruit product offered to them. The whole process became much easier for them after the implementation of our product.
  • Timely reminders : Portal also provides timely information and reminders of the holidays, colleagues’ birthdays, and updates on the request that everyone puts up which makes the work more easier.
  • Expense management : Enabled the organization to process expense claims and disbursements, analyze overall expenses, identify cost-saving opportunities, and control excessive spending.
  • Attendance management : The attendance management of the NGO also got streamlined after the implementation of Zimyo portal.


We quickly identified the NGO’s core issues and helped them out . We also provided them with proper customization as per their requirements.

The NGO can now check and maintain proper track, the process of candidate progress anytime, anywhere and can smoothly run the payroll process too.

Summing up 😀:

  • The NGO experienced growth in productivity and satisfaction as their recruitment processes were smoother than earlier. There are no more hindrances to lengthy and complex manual processes.
  • The NGO is happy with the detailed analytics of payroll processes offered by the admin. In addition, they witnessed a drastic improvement in their recruitment management process.
  • Lastly, the NGO was delighted with the customer support offered by Zimyo. Despite geographical differences, Zimyo HRMS provided them with the best features from their end.
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