HR and Payroll Software Case Study | TVG Realtors

How Zimyo Helped TVG Realtors Streamline their HR Operations and Enhance the Efficiency of Payroll process by 80% 😀

About the Company

TVG Realtors is a UAE-based company registered by Virmani Groups. It provides a full service in real estate brokerage. This firm is located in the heart center of Dubai’s Business Bay. They offer various professional services in the area of buying, selling, and leasing of property.


TVG Realtors serves the best deals among the top global leaders for their clients. They have a professional and skilled workforce serving the firm. The team is quite expert in buying, selling, and leasing the best property suitable for their clients. Before implementing Zimyo, TVG was not using any HR and payroll software; they were handling their HR operations manually.

  • Attendance management: The firm was constantly facing new challenges in their attendance management process. There were many kinds of manipulations caught in the final attendance record.
  • Manual workings: Before switching to Zimyo, they were only dependent on manual workings for every aspect, whether for attendance, leave, performance management, or anything. So they wanted to switch to some HRMS that provides them with all the facilities.
  • Leave: The employee leave record was also quite disturbed as sometimes the leave applications needed to be corrected, and sometimes it may reach late the reporting manager or the manager could misplace it by any chance.
  • Performance management: The performance management of employees was becoming one of the significant tasks of HR. As it becomes difficult for a single person to keep a good track of each employee working under them.


Zimyo was quicker to identify the hurdles faced by the firm and suggested them the best possible solutions. TVG Realtors was impressed by the quick and efficient onboarding support and the customization offered by the product team 😀

  • Smoothen the payroll process
  • Polished the performance management process of the firm
  • Revamping of leave
  • Automated the attendance management process as per UAE rules
  • Ease in accessing the data with few clicks
  • Quick responses from our end to solve their queries.

Post implementation Results

Zimyo quickly identified the core issues of TVG Realtors and helped them with our best products with proper customization as per their requirements.
The company can now check and maintain proper track of their employee’s performance, and the employees even now find it easier to maintain an appropriate record of their tasks and work more efficiently. No plagiarism can be done on any end, whether from the HR department or the employee side.

  • Employee self reporting: with geofencing, employers can set up location- based alerts and notifications to ensure that employees are present or remain within specific work areas or authorized locations.
  • Monetary & quality control: TVG faced many hindrances in managing its data and needed clarification with the ongoing process in the firm. But Zimyo helped the firm workout better by engaging them on a single platform where they can easily access every necessary data required.
  • Automation of work: The company used to perform its tasks manually, whereas earlier, the firm used to work manually on every aspect. But now, after reaching Zimyo, they are pleased with the services and are now in a stage of proper automation of work.
  • Monitoring: It’s always tricky for any organization or a firm to check on the proper working hours of their employees; if it’s done manually, it may be biased for some employees at some points. Maybe the employee finds it personal or the organization itself.
  • Polished operations: After implementing the products, TVG found their work process to be much more streamlined and smoother. The work is done in just a few clicks without any hustle and time wastage.


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