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Case Study - Onclq - Logistics
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About the Company:

Onclq is a B2B marketplace for the Packaging Industry. They serve as a procurement partner for their customers and help them get the best vendors with the best fit as per their requirements.

Their Packaging Procurement Management Services are the best in class, as their team specializes in Packaging and Management.

They take care of the complete procurement cycle of their customers to give them the convenience of saving time and cost.

The back story

Corrugated boxes are made up of layers of paper. So it can be used for primary, secondary, tertiary, or showcase packaging. They have served more than 50,000 boxes to their customers.


Attendance maintenance: The firm/company needed help to check employee attendance in a proper manner accordingly. As many times their admin caught some manipulations in the final attendance record.

Leave: the employee leave record was also quite disturbed as sometimes the leave applications needed to be corrected, and sometimes it may reach late the reporting manager or the manager could misplace it by any chance.

Performance management: the performance management of employees was becoming one of the significant tasks of HR. As it becomes difficult for a single person to keep a soundtrack of each employee working under them.



Leave management: By adopting Zimyo HRMS, the management can maintain comprehensive leave records, calculate leave balances, and generate insightful reports. Further, now employees can apply for leave online in digital mode with the help of a few clicks only.

Performance management: With the help of HRMS, the HR admin can easily access every detail of every employee. Like are they completing the tasks on time? Are they working effectively and efficiently? And many other details. 

Clock in/ clock out: It’s always tricky for any organization or a firm to check on the proper working hours of their employees; if it’s done manually, it may be biased for some employees at some points. Maybe the employee finds it personal or the organization itself. 

Automation of work: Earlier, the company performed its tasks manually. But now, after finally identifying the need for HR software and a better way to perform tasks more efficiently, especially automatically.

Dashboard control: The HRMS dashboard provided the HR admins with a bulk of benefits in their hands, just like a brief analysis of their workforce, about the workings of their employees. Also, the employees find it helpful to view their leave balances, working hours, and peer-to-peer communication from the HRMS.

They are pleased with the services and are now in a stage of proper automation of work.


We quickly identified the company’s core issues and helped them with our best products with proper customization as per their requirements.

The company can now check and maintain proper track of their employee’s performance, and the employees even find it easier to maintain an appropriate record of their tasks and work more efficiently. No prejudice can be done on any end, whether from the HR department or the employee side.

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