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RBIC Home is a service provider company for construction, architectural design, interior design, layout, project management services and renovation services for your home, villa or apartment based in UAE, Dubai.

The overall experience with Zimyo has been exceptional, thanks to the assistance provided by the Zimyo team.


Post implementation

Automation of work: The automation of work has enabled the organization to streamline its operations, enhance efficiency, and optimize productivity. The company’s commitment to automation has yielded significant benefits, including improved accuracy, reduced costs, and increased output. The implementation of this automated process has been a strategic move towards achieving the company’s long-term goals and objectives.

Document management: The current state of document organization has been significantly enhanced, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process. The implementation of advanced techniques and technologies has led to a souped-up approach to document management, allowing for improved accessibility, searchability, and overall organization.

Leave management/ tracking: One of the most significant challenges faced by the organization was the tracking of employees who were on leave for a specific day. However, with the implementation of Zimyo, the company now has a comprehensive platform that enables them to efficiently manage and monitor employee leave. This has resulted in a streamlined process that ensures accurate tracking of employee absences, allowing the organization to better plan and allocate resources.

Attendance management: Managing employee attendance in a diversified company can be a challenging task for HR professionals. The process can be prone to manipulation or internal glitches, making it difficult to maintain accurate records. This has enabled HR professionals to focus on other important tasks, while also ensuring that employees are held accountable for their attendance.

Workplace safety: The company can now efficiently monitor the presence of its workforce and ensure compliance with attendance policies. The system provides real-time updates on employee attendance, enabling the management to take prompt action in case of any discrepancies. This streamlined approach to attendance tracking enhances the overall productivity of the organization and promotes accountability among employees. The company can now effectively manage its workforce and optimize its operations, resulting in improved performance and profitability.

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