Exit Interview Form Template

Get feedback from departing employees and build a robust work culture with ready-made exit interview form templates

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The exit interview form is a questionnaire given to employees who’re leaving the company. It is a very important tool which is used to gather information from the employee about factors like their reason for departing, how they felt about the company culture and what improvements can the company practise.

We have provided a sample questionnaire below to serve as a guideline as for what you can include in your own questionnaire.

Questions to include –

What is the reason for your departure?

This question serves as a way for the employer to understand the reason behind the employee’s departure. Whether it be better pay, better opportunities or dissatisfaction with management.

What could have been done differently to encourage you to stay?

This question will help the employer to understand what changes they could have made to avoid the circumstances that resulted in the employee resigning.

Did your supervisor treat you fairly and respectfully during your employment?

Perceived mistreatment or unfairness by a manager can be a huge factor in employee dissatisfaction. It is necessary that such managers be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

What did you like the most about working with this company?

This helps to gauge what drew the employee to the company in the first place and what the company did right.

What did you like least about working with this company?

This helps to gauge what the employee disliked in the company and what could be improved in the organization.

Was frequent and constructive feedback provided to you during your tenure in the organization?

Frequent and constructive feedback is an important factor in an employee’s growth. If they feel that they were not adequately provided feedback, then that will result in dissatisfaction.

Do you feel your efforts were appreciated by the organization?

If employees feel that their efforts are not properly appreciated or recognized then they will feel dissatisfied.

If given the opportunity, would you consider coming back to work here in the future? What change would you need for the same?

This is the most important question to ask a resigning employee. Just because an employee has left the organization currently does not mean that they won’t be liable to come back. It is important to understand what changes you can make so that employee retention increases and turnover decreases.