HR Audit Checklist Template

Ensures all HR functions are aligned with legal regulations to avoid litigation risks.

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HR Audit Compliance Checklist

An HR Audit Checklist is a self-evaluation checklist of how the HR department functions. It also ensures that all the HR functions in an organization are aligned with legal regulations to avoid litigation risks.

Performing an HR Checklist is a vital task for an organization to ensure business success and employee satisfaction and retention rate.

Here are the different HR Audit checklist points:

1. Employee Documentation
It checks the overall operations of employee databases and documentation. The employee data should be easily accessible when required.
Employee data must be systematically placed. The database of employees is confidential information. So proper security measures should be taken to avoid data breaches.
2. Employee Handbook
Make sure that the company adheres to local, state and national employment policies.
Avoid loopholes in the system.
All employees should be well-versed in the changes in the organization.
3. Employee Training and Development
It ensures that any irrelevant content from employee training should be removed.
Timely analysis of training and development programs to get updated with the latest trends.
4. Payout and Rewards
It is developing a structure to promote competitive salary packages to employees.
Discrimination on any grounds should be removed.
A fair system should be designed to ensure timely salary hikes and the development of employees.
5. Selection and Onboarding Process
It ensures a smooth onboarding process which is a pre-set need of an organization.
The onboarding process can be more effective by assigning a mentor or buddy for new joiners.
6. Performance Review Analysis
Proper measures should be taken to review timely performance reviews of employees.
They use performance appraisal tools to cross-check if employees are completing their targets or not.
No discrimination practices should be allowed on any ground.
7. Health and Safety
It ensures that proper measures should be taken to ensure employee safety.
The health and safety auditor ensures all policies and protocols for employees health and safety are aligned with government rules.
8. Labour Laws
Performing auditing of labor laws is a must due for non-obedience of various laws.
The main motive for auditing labor law is to maintain awareness.
Auditing helps to highlight those fields where employees are exploited.