Onboarding Checklist Template

Streamline your onboarding process at every step by engaging new hires with ready-to-use onboarding checklists

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First impression is essential, and an employee’s first experience with an organization should be pleasant. Everything must go smoothly, that is why making a list of necessary actions helps. An employee onboarding checklist exists not just for the employee but also for the HR department to avoid any last-minute confusion or scrambling for essential documents.

Here is what you should consider when making a pre-onboarding checklist

  • Confirm the onboarding date and day with the candidate
  • Finalize any salary or benefits negotiations
  • Collect necessary documents and complete required paperwork
  • Make sure the Background check is clear, and no discrepancies are found
  • Send welcome email
  • Send welcome kit
  • Set up required office space
  • Initiate asset requisition processes
  • Assign a buddy or partner
  • Organize office tours and meeting with the manager
  • Introduce them to the work culture
  • Take feedback from employee post onboarding about their experience.

Post onboarding checklist

Your candidate has joined successfully. But Hr’s job isn’t over yet. For the first week and then one month of the employees joining, you have to ensure that they have integrated successfully into your organization and collect feedback from the managers about the employee’s progress.

1st week to 1st-month checklist

  • Introduce the employee to different teams on the floor
    The employee must know not just their immediate teammates but also colleagues from other departments whom they may need to interact with in the future.
  • Follow up every day with the employee.
    Daily checkups are essential to understand whether the employee is fitting in or not and understand their concerns.
  • Organize necessary training sessions and necessary readings
    Familiarize your new joiner with any training they may have to complete on the employee portal regarding employee portal layout, security training, etc.
  • Organize a welcome party
    Organize a welcome party for the new joiners to make them feel comfortable.
  • Employee progress QA session with the employee after a month
    Have a one-on-one interview with the new joiner after a month to gauge their progress in the organization. See if they are integrating well into their team and whether they are meeting their targets.
  • Employee progress QA session with the manager after a month
    Have a one-on-one interview with the new joiner’s managers. It is essential to know how the employee is performing, if there are any problems with integration or their behavior, and so forth.