Employee Termination | Meaning and Definition

Define terminate

To terminate or the termination process simply means removing an individual from a position due to any given reason. 

Employee Termination definition

Employee Termination is defined as the end of the employment in an organization. In simple words, it signifies the employee’s departure from the organization and can have various types of causes. 

Employee Termination types

  • Voluntary Termination – The voluntary termination of an employee occurs when he or she breaks the work relationship. The decision to quit the job can be conveyed with a notice or a verbal note, as and when well the employee decides to quit the job.
  • Involuntary Termination – The involuntary termination is in the hands of the employer, and it is decided by the business authority who has the control over breaking the relationship of employment. Involuntary termination is of two types: without cause and with cause.
  • Employee at will – This type gives the full right to both the business and the employee to sever the working relationship without any warning or reason.
  • Mutual Termination – It is based on the mutual understanding that both the parties are not suitable to work with each other.
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