Exit-interview | Meaning and Definition

What is an exit interview?

The exit interview is an interview organized in a company to get closure from the employee who wishes to leave the company. The interview is held towards the end of the working period of the employee who wishes to leave the company. This interview is conducted to understand why an employee wishes to leave the company. The meeting comprises the employee’s journey in the company, the plans the employee has made for the future, and the suggestions the company would like to give the employee a better future ahead.

Questions that are asked to the employee during the exit interview:

  •   The reasons behind leaving the company and resigning from the job
  •   Feedback and suggestions from the employee to enhance the managing conditions
  •   Plans set by the employee for the future
  •   Parameters that should be taken into account while hiring a new employee
  •   Giving a second thought about staying in the company with an increased remuneration
  •   Feedback from the managers or the leaders in the company.’
  •   The factors and important reasons for choosing the new company over the existing company
  •   Points that the company needs to address
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