HR Compliance Checklist Template

Ensures every employee moves through the same steps regardless of which HR person goes through the process.

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HR Compliance Checklist

An HR Compliance Checklist is an organized checklist that contains essential information for HR management practices that are aligned with the organization’s rules and regulations.

Various checklist items involved in the HR compliance checklist are:


1. Interviewing and Recruiting

This compliance checklist should begin with information regarding interviewing and recruiting. All interview questions are designed according to the job role and designation. HRs are responsible for interviewing and recruiting the desired candidate for the organization. 

Usage of pre-made JD templates, interview scripts and email templates.

Use of diverse job portals such as Linkedin, Foundit,, etc to post job openings.


2. Hiring Procedures

The hiring process should be executed appropriately by providing confirmation letters, offer letters, joining forms etc. The employee should be well versed with organization culture, aim and objective of the organization and what organization expects from them.

This approach helps to create an understanding and minimize the chances of misunderstanding.


3. Policies and Procedures

An employee should be well versed with organization’s policies and procedures. An organization follows various policies such as:


4. Safety of employees

An organization follows certain safety standards to ensure safety of employees. It is important to conclude all those steps that ensure safety and security of employees. This approach is crucial against illness, accidents or mishaps.


5. Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a vital means of communication to convey organization’s policies and procedures and how organization conducts its business. This handbook consists of information about dress code, hair style, etc., that should be followed in the workplace.


6. Social Networking

This checklist defines the use of social media platforms by employees within the organization as well as personally. An employee is the brand face of an organization, so he should avoid posting unethical things on social media platforms. Discriminatory practices should not be followed in any aspect. This ensures professionalism and ethical code of conduct in the workplace.


7. Management Training

The company offers training on various aspects:

  • Employee counseling
  • Performance appraisal
  • Harassment training
  • Organizational policies


8. Unemployment Benefits

This includes benefits which will be provided to employees during their suspension/ termination period. By establishing defined policies, the organization ensures transparency. This checklist minimizes legal issues.


9. Working Time

Working time refers to the time (in hours) an employee is working for an organization. This includes actual working hours, break hours, working days etc. It also includes time spent by employees from home or at site.


10. Employee File

Employee file consists of employee documents such as their id proofs, medical documents and other personal documents. It also contains a performance review of employees.