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Welcome kit for new employees in India

Frankly speaking, I so love watching people on Linkedin sharing the goodies or welcome kits they receive from their companies even before joining them. This makes me happy because if anybody sends me a surprise package filled with exciting goodies, I will be overwhelmed. Earlier, the process of onboarding was monotonous, and companies barely cared about making the first impression. But with the start of a never-ending battle to win the top talent, companies became creative in making their onboarding process a fun and interactive experience. Sending a welcome kit for new employees is one such idea that companies all over the world are adopting. 

We all can agree that this method of sending a welcome kit for new employees is cool and fun, however, what can be included in a welcome kit is still a problem for many HR leaders? But worry not, today we will know all about the welcome kit for new employees. So don’t exit from here, because the best is yet to come! 

Let’s first understand 

Why should you send a welcome kit to new employees?

If you want to offer a lasting first impression, if you want to make people feel involved, and if you want to improve your odds of retaining them, then a Welcome Kit can be your best bet. 

When you send a welcome kit for new employees, you are passing on a message that they are as valuable as your existing team members. It gives new hires a slight idea of your company culture and how well you treat your employees. 

Apart from that, a welcome kit is also good for employers, as when employees receive such packages they might give a shout-out to your company on social media. This helps you gain more exposure as well as increase your brand reputation. So sending a welcome package is a win-win! Below is an infographic that gives you insights into how a great onboarding experience can benefit an organization. 

Welcome kit for new employees- Onboarding statistics
Welcome kit for new employees

Now that you know how important it is to send a joining kit for new employees, let’s now brainstorm some of the welcome kit ideas for new employees. 

What should your welcome kit for new employees include? 

The most common items that companies include in their welcome kit involve: 

1. Welcome them with a Welcome Letter

Don’t you feel happy when you receive cute, little welcome messages when you visit cafes or hotels? They make you feel special right? You can do the same for your new employees. You can include a short note or a welcome letter in your welcome kit for new employees. Make sure to write a personalized letter to connect better with your new employees. You can also ask other members of your team to write a welcome message for the new person joining the team. 

2. Offer your Company’s Brochure/Prospectus

To help your new employees get familiar with your company, you may share the company’s brochure or prospectus with them. The brochure may include the company details- when and how it started, who are the founders, details about the employees, office space. You can also include fun facts about your existing employees and include pictures of employees having fun outside office premises. Don’t forget to add some of the logistical information as well. Add their main point of contact, any required forms, information about the people they will report to, etc. 

3. T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Attire- Stuff They Love

Adding items like shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, or uniforms to your joining kit can make your employees feel good. People love having these types of things in their welcome packages. Moreover, these have become popular methods of enhancing your brand visibility. When people come to the office wearing these t-shirts or uniforms, they carry the brand with themselves. This also fuels company leaders with passion or a sense of pride when they see people embracing their company items. 

4. Tech Accessories for a Tech-Savy Generation

While people can have access to desktops or laptops when they come to the office, consider offering small tech accessories to your welcome kit. You can provide headphones, mousepads, and access to software or tools that your new employees will be using after joining the company. This way you are preparing them well for their jobs and making things easier. There are many companies that offer on-demand branded tech items that can help you meet your needs.  

5. Gift Wellness to your Employees

We love when people show care towards us. This is what we all crave. You can make your employees feel valued right from the beginning by offering subscriptions to corporate wellness programs. You can offer them a gym membership, or a subscription to wellness apps such as Cult.fit, you can also help your employees with planning a diet or get them in touch with a certified health coach who can help them maintain aha their health and wellness.

6. Employee Handbook

Apart from the above-mentioned items, it is also advisable to offer an employee handbook. Along with that, you can also provide company policies or HR policies guide, or other guidelines that can help your new hires become comfortable in the work environment from the start. Moreover, you can share your company’s website link, social media handles, and other necessary links with your new employees. 

Examples of welcome kit for new employees
Examples of a welcome kit

So these are some of the common items that you must add to your welcome kit for new employees. Let’s now know which companies are offering great welcome packages to their employees: 

Companies offering the best welcome kit for new employees in India:

1. Zimyo

Zimyo is a unified employee experience platform that offers comprehensive and robust HR solutions. It is known for its employee-centric work culture and robust products. Zimyo welcomes its new employees in a classic but creative way. It offers one of the most creative welcome kits for its new hires. They offer modish deep blue colored t-shirts, branded water bottles, notepads, a beautiful welcome message, and headphones to their new employees. 

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an abode for all your work. From storing files to sharing them to collaborating on projects- you can manage all your work online. Dropbox’s new employee welcome kit includes laptop decals, a camp mug, a journal and pen, and a handwritten welcome note at the employees’ new desk.

3. Twitter

This popular social media channel welcomes new employees in a unique way. It offers a wine bottle that has Twitter’s logo on it, a tote bag, a t-shirt, a laptop case, and a notepad. Just imagine how nice it would be to open a package like this? However, there might be cases where employees don’t drink, so it might not work well for all the employees.

Joining Kit ideas
Welcome Kit- Twitter

4. L’Oréal

L’Oréal- the cosmetic giant has an in-house app for welcoming new hires. The app is specifically designed to offer a seamless onboarding experience to new hires. Apart from that, new employees at L’Oréal get a special bag of goodies which include cream, shampoo, lip gloss/balm, and a flask to encourage employees to stay hydrated throughout the day.

5. Oglivy & Mather

One of the leading Advertising and PR brands Ogily & Mather offers an elegant red-colored welcome box for new employees. The box consists of a short book by David Ogilvy ”The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness and his popular eight habits.” Apart from that, their welcome kit for new employees includes an A5 Red notebook, a metal slinky, USB, and a yellow pencil.

6. Okta.com

Okta.com offers strong authentication and authorization services to all applications. People who love hoodies will enjoy their welcome package offered by Okta. It offers simple, yet elegant items in its welcome kit. Okta’s welcome kit for new employees includes a gray hoodie, a journal, a cool backpack, and a water bottle.

7. Uber

Uber is a known name in the transportation, ride-sharing, and food delivery industries. The company’s welcome kit for new employees includes a baseball cap, a black coffee mug, a notepad, and a tote bag. Uber also offers a welcome kit to its new drivers which include a guide for drivers, iPhone, a small welcome note, and an accessory kit.

Joining kit uber
Welcome kit-Uber

Final Words 

So these are some of the companies that are setting high expectations when it comes to offering a great welcome kit for new employees. You can either take ideas from them or come up with your own unique welcome kit to onboard new employees.  Organizations are investing heavily in employee onboarding software to offer a hassle-free onboarding experience and create a lasting experience for their new hires. You can also opt for such a tool to bring new people onboard in your organization. 

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