A peep into my journey at Zimyo- By Ana Suhail

Back in September 2021, while scrolling through a WhatsApp group I got a pop-up for a job role similar to the one I was hunting for. I applied for the job in a jiffy and it is still unbelievable that I got a call 5 minutes later. Yes, this was how my journey started at Zimyo. It is my first company and I could not control my excitement in any way possible.

The Culture

Over a period of time, I learned that a company is known by the culture it has. Being in Zimyo I feel like a valuable asset to the company. The people here are on their toes to help you. The culture is so welcoming and friendly. Every single day here feels like home. You will never be lost in any way because we have the most amazing Fun Fridays to relax our minds.

The Milestone

Being a fresher, Zimyo is like a parent to me. It has nurtured me like a kid. From building confidence to building relationships with clients, it has been with me through thick and thin. My first client call was a disaster and if you look at me now- I am way better than when I first started. Zimyo has helped me gain that confidence. Every day is like a new opportunity for me in Zimyo.

Can Work-Life Balance be attained in Today’s world?

 Yes, Zimyo did that for me. The company from day one had that vision of “No work on Weekends’ ‘, trust me when I say this many will tell you that it’s untrue. But Zimyo actually proved that. There is not even a single call from the management during your non-working hours. This is like a green single to my mental health. Everything in Zimyo is so organized. 

Climbing Up the Ladder

Lastly, the most important part of my Zimyo journey is the Client Migration from the 1.0 version of Zimyo to our new 2.0 version. It allowed me to explore myself and literally with all my heart I want to thank each member of the tribe who helped in one or another way to achieve this. The day this happened I was all sorted in my mind. A lot is yet to be explored. It is just the beginning of my journey with Zimyo, many more accomplishments are yet to be added to my journey.

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