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How Zimyo’s Recruitment Software Can Up Your Hiring Game

An organisation’s workforce is its most important tangible asset, and a company can only grow when it adds worthwhile personnel to it, thereby creating synergies that benefit the organisation. The HR department is responsible for smoothing and accelerating the overall goals of the company by effectively managing and administering the human capital. One of their key tasks is recruiting employees who are skilled and compatible with the organisation’s raison d’être. 

Recruitment software plays an integral role in the process of finding and onboarding the best of talent. Recruitment software improves social reach, saves time performing tedious tasks, and streamlines the entire princess from document collection to data maintenance. Most importantly, it helps businesses attract and onboard candidates to their talent pool. It is important to choose the right recruitment software according to the specific needs of your organisation.

Zimyo’s recruitment management software optimises each stage of recruitment, making sure that the process is running at peak efficiency. Here are some of its features that are loved by clients in the recruitment space.

  • Workforce Planning

While being the most valuable tangible asset of an organisation, the workforce is often not carefully optimised, mainly due to it showing results in the long-run and not in the short-run, and not in the current year goals of the managers. There is a lack of objectives regarding their outputs, and a greater lack of consistency in managing their outputs. 

Zimyo allows one to align the strategic planning with talent planning, especially at the recruitment level. Managing this at the recruitment level itself makes the follow-up steps easier to handle. Providing HR managers with clear-cut reports and interpretations, Zimyo provides the recruiters with correct metrics which help them come to meaningful conclusions. 

  • Requisition Management and Full Budget Control

There are various departments who might have vacancies turn up at different points of time and gathering information for the proper requirement of the department becomes essential. Before the recruitment process can formally begin, the job requisition must be filled out and approved by the HR & finance departments. 

This can be easily tackled with the help of Zimyo’s applicant tracking system (ATS), which uses predefined rules to progress the application between various departments for approval. Once these job openings are budgeted for by the finance department, Zimyo sticks to the requisition-based hiring defined into the system for these budgeted positions.

  • Job Posting Management and Candidate & Client Activity Tracking

Once a manager knows the ‘ideal’ candidate it wants to attract for their organisation, the next step is to attract potential candidates via job postings, which are mostly online in these digital times. 

Recruitment software plays a key role at this step. Zimyo’s ‘Track Timeline’ feature breaks the communication gap that exists between the recruiter and the applicant by creating a life cycle of their application and automatically updating its status as it jumps through the hoops at each stage. Consistent and clear communication with candidates not only lessens their frustrations, but also builds up the company’s goodwill in their eyes.

  • CV Screening

On an average, a job posting attracts 250 applications, with most of them being completely unqualified for the role. Undoubtedly, this step becomes the most time consuming one of the entire recruitment processes. Due to the high amount of time being wasted on sorting through the useless applications, it is highly likely that the appropriate candidate might just slip through the fingers as top talent exists in the job market for 10 days only.

To speed up the process and lower the instances of this happening, an automated CV screening feature can prove to be handy by boiling down the total applications to the most appropriate ones.

  • Configurable Workflow

Workflow is a set of repetitive tasks which usually bring down the effectiveness of the HR’s functioning as manual workflow management is tiring and highly time consuming. To save the HRs time so that it can focus on more substantial tasks, an automated workflow process becomes their saving grace. 

This is done by eliminating the endless complexities that exist in organisational processes, with the automated workflow customised to the needs of the HR team, something that Zimyo excels at. Every job posting will have its own workflow, which can be configured to match the recruitment process. This unleashes the true potential of the HR department.

  • Automatic Sourcing and Data & Email Capture

Zimyo sources candidates directly from the various platforms on which the job has been posted. To make the most out of the recruitment process, the organisation can also opt for an automated data capture of its potential candidates and transform them into useful leads. 

Segmentation of the applicants based on the captured data along with gaining useful insights for future marketing campaigns seems like a win-win for both the HR and sales departments. High quality-leads can only be obtained through strong automated data and email capture mechanisms, which Zimyo possesses. 

  • Remote Onboarding

After shortlisting the perfect candidate, the concluding step to the entire recruitment process is the onboarding of the new employee. The on boarding process usually entails introductory sessions with the various departments and teams, training sessions to familiarise the employee with the company policies and operations, workshops, etc. In the post-coronavirus world, this on boarding is being done remotely as a majority of the employees continue to work from home. 

Zimyo handles this process and makes sure that the process flows smoothly, with no communication barriers between the employee and the organisation.


In this data-driven world, where optimisation and speedy actions are everything, a recruitment software improves the functioning of the HR department by minimising the time spent on tasks which can be handled without any hassles of an algorithm, allowing managers to focus their energies on human-specific tasks which involve ethical reasoning and judgement stemming from experience, such as selecting the perfect candidate.

Recruitment software, such as Zimyo, not only improves the operational efficiency of the organisation when it comes to the workforce, but also contribute to various other assets such as sales (via sourcing and data capture) and goodwill. They should not be viewed as substitutes, but rather as complements, to the HR department.

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